Annapurna Circuit Trek


Namaste to everyone!

My name is Alexandra, i am 27 years old from Ukraine.
Just arrived in Nepal and planning to do trip around Annapurna at the beginning of March. Hope to make it in 14 days. Looking for a tracking buddy to join me in this cool adventure. Don`t know all the rules, but guys that made Annapurna trip this autumn said that it`s quite possible to make without guides. So let`s do it!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
See you in the mountains;)



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  1. Hi Alexandra
    Im Kim from Danmark.Currently staying in Thailand (due to COVID).
    I have been in Nepal 4-5 times (always Katmandu) and now it’s time for me to do the Annapurna trip.
    Interested In joining me?

  2. Hey Alex!
    I’m pnkj n I have done couple of treks earlier and I would love to join u in this trek.
    The timing and the dates are great for me
    Let me know

  3. Hi Alexandra,

    Here Nerea, from Barcelona, 31 years old. I amb planning the same trekking but by the end of March. I can’t before because I am already in Nepal voluntering.

    Could you be flexible on your dates? I really hope so

  4. Hi!
    I am Giulia, 28 yo and Italian.
    I am planning to come to nepal to trek and I’d like to join you. I hate organized travelling, so I would be happy to learn with you how not to die out there. Anyway, I trek in the alps quite a lot, so I think we could make a good team! Let me know

    • Hey hi Giulia
      U can join with me

  5. Hi Alexandra,

    Am planning to do this trip in april. If you are interested we can go on this together and this memorable

  6. Hello! My name is Alba, im gonna do Annapurna Base Camp, starting 6th march. Text me if you are interested on doing the trekk together!

  7. Hi guys! I’m planning to start the trek on the 15th-16th of March if that works for any of you, would be happy to have some friendly humans to share the journey with.

    • Hi Dawn!
      I wanted to trek earlier but for some reason I had to delay the trek but 16th of March is a good time for me
      I would love to join the trek

    • Okay great! I am in contact with a guide who also has a few people interested. Where you planning on doing the trek with a guide? My idea was to have a guide and then do food and accommodation along the way.

      Planning for about 16 days total, possibly with trek to Tilicho Lake if there is time.

    • Hi Dawn,
      I am also planning to start the Annapurna Circuit trek at sometimes around 16-17th March. Looking for some friendly humans too for the trip. Let me know if you are still planning for the trek. Would love to join you.