Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey, I am a 22 year old student from New Zealand, passing through Nepal on the way to Europe. I have about 3 weeks to spare and am really keen to get on the Annapurna Circuit – so excited!! I’ll be flying into Kathmandu on the 1st of September and will make my way from there. Interested in finding a hiking companion(s) for this time period. I’m not quite sure on prices at the moment but would like to make it as affordable as possible!

Get in contact if you’re interested, I’m easy-going, friendly and love hiking and the outdoors. I’m looking for a bit of adventure, laughter and good company 🙂


Images below are not of the intended trip – just of me being happy about hiking in general

New Zealand


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  1. Hi Emma,
    I’m 24 and from England, I fly into Kathmandu on the 2nd September and I’ve been looking for someone to do the Annapurna circuit with to have a laugh, make some memories and generally explore with, would you be interested in pairing up?
    I have an ad on here saying 9th September, but I’m flexible with dates
    Get in touch!
    Bekki x

    • hi brekki ive posted mym own partners wanted too you alexandra bart and emma are welcome to join . it would help alot . 🙂

  2. Hey Emma. Im a Kiwi from Wellngton. Im currently in Nepal and am hoping to do the Annapurna circuit. Im no to sure on my dates yet but will keep you posted.

    I have a great guide name Kaji whom I walk Annapurna base camp with earlier in the year. If you are interested in taking a guide. He was great company and could organise everything + his english was spot on!
    Ellie 🙂

    • hi alexandra youre welcome to join me too along with emma and bart . do check out my trip 🙂

  3. holaa
    got plans yet? im up to trekk annapurna that date or everest base camp. im flexible and looking for partners.
    if nobody join me im going to do it on my own anyway
    greets Bart simphson

    • hi bart i saw your comments on this page and do check out my trip ! together with emma we can go together !!

  4. hello, I am a 23 year old student from kathmandu nepal, i am a trekking guide for a himalayas. I have a 6 years experience
    now a days who will go to trekking they take guide from somewhere because not easy can do trekking to Thanks!

  5. Hey there, my name is Philipp, I’m 22 and student from Germany and also very excited to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek.
    At the moment, I’m doing an elective in Pokhara which will last until 2nd September. I would be very happy to find some trekking partner(s) to hike this awesome trek together. If the date really doesn’t fit, it’s also possible to end my internship some days earlier.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Greets Philipp

  6. hi emma i already have a guide and already have a trip confirmed for the whole circuit.
    if youd like to join me . do let me know as itll save me more costs from it ! ive already put out all the details in my page and request for travellers. do let me know if it is within your means ! if not you are still welcome to join as the more the merrier of course!