Annapurna Circuit Trek


I will be in Nepal for a friend’s wedding in early January and taking advantage of this to hike the Annapurna Circuit. I blocked off January 18th – February 3rd for the hike. Looking for a hiking buddy (or group) that wants to team up and make it up the Himalaya mountains!



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  1. Hi 🙂
    I also would love to do the Annapurna Circuit.
    I’m in Nepal after the 6th of January. Maybe we can meet us for a coffee.
    Best wishes

  2. Hey,

    Yes, sounds great! I could meet you January 15th in Kathmandu or after January 18th somewhere along the AC.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Hello Vanessa and Dimitre. Wonder if the conditions won’t turn up artic by that time. My befriended guides just passed Thorung La under bad conditions and a next snowfall will probably make it worse. So if the circuit is no deal. I am looking for some trekking mates for a shorter trek of approx. 8 days. Would like to start on 18 or 19 of Jan latest. Been living in Nepal during the past years and familiar with trekking in the Annapurna’s and mountains.
    Happy Newyear for now

  4. Hi Harry, I would still like to do the AC (and will have the necessary gear for arctic conditions) but if it turns out that it is not possible would be open to other hikes. What were you thinking?

    • I have limited time, only staying 3 weeks in total in Nepal. I just want to make a trek of max. 8 days. Plan is to go by Lespar-Nagdi-Full Bari (crossing Mohare danda)-Swanta-Dobato-Ghandruk-Tolka and back to Pokhara. Days of approx. 6/7 hours walking. At the moment even there is snow according to my contacts on trek. Let’s see how weather will be in about two and half week. Weather is not always on your side. In 2015 Thorung La was from beginning of December complete ice and crampons needed all the way from highcamp till Phedi due to early snowfall and didn’t melt away.
      Let’s keep each other updated.

  5. Hey Guys,

    If the track is not possible I would be also open for another hike!
    So would be nice to stay in contact 🙂

    • Hello Vanessa, when will you be in Nepal?

  6. Hello~ Our group will arrive at Kathmandu on January 18th and maybe start the trekking on 20 at Beisashar. We are friends and we are from China. We do not have enough skills or experience about trekking but just want to walk. We choose ACT. Maybe we can meet each other on the way.

  7. Latest update from Manang -18 last night Muktinath -14
    So at Thorung La at least -20 and lower

  8. Snowfall at the moment in Manang area. Will be more coming within next 24 hours.