Annapurna Circuit Trek

I am going to be in Pokhara on a Yoga Retreat until the 6th January. Then I am looking to begin the Annapurna circuit, I want to avoid a pre-booked trip so it would be great to team up with anyone else with similar plans 🙂



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  1. Hi Alice! How are you doing?

    I am looking at organizing some last minute holiday plans, and thought I might do a winter hike in Nepal. I have previously done the EBC so I was considering trying the Annapurna Circuit – which by all accounts sounds like a lovely walk! I am fairly easygoing with how things are organized, and was thinking to either go solo or with a guide, but then I figures I should pop on here and have a look, as I walked with someone from this site in Nepal last time and that turned out to be good fun.

    I dont really have any time or budget restrictions (though I am hoping to do a fairly long hike). I’m not super fit at the moment, for which I blame a steady diet of buffets 🙂 , however I have just done an 8-day hike recently so I think I should be able to manage

    Anyway, let me know if you’re still looking for someone to explore the mountains with!

  2. Hi Alice! I have a similar plan, but I can only start the hike before the 8th of January. If this is OK with you, I would be glad to get to know more about your plans and to see if we can team up. I just posted my own trip description, so you can look it up at the departures.
    Cheers, Koen

  3. HI Alice I am game for the 6th. do you know if it’s going to snow at that level (ABC)? getting into Pokhara on the 2d – would love to join the retreat – which one is it btw?

    regards, Ilya

    • Hi Ilya, happy new year! The retreat is called Mukhti Yoga, it’s quiet so I’m sure you’d be able to join if you fancy it 🙂 I think there is some snow forecasted but hopefully it should be doable with a guide

    • Sorry I forgot to mention that my plans have changed slightly and I’m thinking of just doing the trek to the base camp rather than the whole circuit. Hopefully this will take 8 days, following a route similar to this..

      Let me know what you think 🙂

  4. Hi Alice this is a really good itinerary. I like that it allows to acclimate to higher altitude before getting to base camp

  5. So you’re planning to get started on the 6th right?

  6. I’m going to be in Pokhara on the 2nd so I would be happy to chat more about it

    Just curious are you properly equipped for the weather up there at the base camp?

    I heard it snowed quite a bit there but I might be getting incorrect information

    • I think i have most of what I’ll need, might just rent a pair of down trousers from somewhere in Pokhara and buy a thicker pair of gloves

  7. I am seeing – 17 degrees and 50% precipitation everyday through the 5th forecast

  8. If your schedule allows we can grab tea on the 2d pm and go through details of the trip

    • I will have some free time around lunchtime but if you getting the bus from Kathmandu I don’t think you will arrive until around 3pm. Want to meet on the 3rd?

  9. I will catch hopefully an early flight to pokhara so 1500 is feasible. If not 3d is good

  10. Just got to hotel. Where could you meet?

  11. I am about 1 km from the retreat

  12. Just some recent information for you two. Snowfall yesterday above Chomrung. Check at locals. Way to ABC might be risk of avalanches. Take warm cloths and sleeping bag. Above Himalaya there is no heating by firewood.

  13. Hey hallo everybody. I’m Laura from Italy. I will arrive in Kathmandu the 9th. I’m looking for trekking partners to do a trekking for 5/7/8 days in the Anapurna area. Does anybody of you decided yet what to do? I guess the circuit is to difficult in this time. I was thinking about the base camp or poon hill. Anybody of you is available for that around 11 or 12 of january? Have a nice day.