Annapurna circuit starting at Besi Sahar

I’ll be starting on or about 20th sept & taking a relaxed trek anti clockwise, I say relaxed as I shall be 60 on 15th sept & have no need to push myself yet I still fit, I envisage being able to do the trek in about 3 weeks plus a few days , I done it 22 years ago in a comfy 3 weeks

I’ll be carrying my own pack and going independently so if anyone is interested to join me just drop me a line here, I’m an easy going mature guy, well travelled as they say always interested to hear other people storys!

After Annapurna I’m heading to the Khumbu , Arun Valley & hopefullly Kanchenjunga depends on the knees!



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  1. Hi Bernie! Ready for the trek?
    I just arrived in Pokhara and am planning to start the Circuit trek in Besi Sahar on the 21th. If you’re leaving on that date also maybe we can hike together (for a part). If not, maybe meet you on the trail.
    Monique from Holland

  2. Hi Monique
    Had a change of plan and now starting from besi on 20th but I’m sure you’ll catch up!

    Actually met up with a guy from LP doing same as me am he wanted to start ASAP so we hitting the rd Friday as he doesn’t have as long as me

    Anyway thanks for your message and good luck look forward to meeting you!