Annapurna circuit starting 25th May (flexible)

Hi all 🙂

I am a 23 yr old Australian male looking for some hiking partner/s around the Annapurna region. Currently I am travelling around India and hope to be in Kathmandu on the 21st, or if not the 22nd of may.

I have hiked in Papua new guinea, Peru and Sweden. I am looking for people at a beginner/intermediate level who want to get out and have some adventurous challenging fun, but nothing overly serious and competitive.

I’m looking to do a budget trek and would prefer not to hire a guide and do it ourselves, but again km flexible. I am quite liberal on the path and time, the only requirement I have is I need to be back in Kathmandu on the 3rd of June.

Look forward to hearing from you!




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  1. Hi Ben
    I am looking at similar dates although I have not officially booked any flights from the UK, But I amin contact with an agent highly reccomended in Kathmandu who for a small fee organises passes, lukla flght b4 arrival. I have not hired a porter/guide yet through him but will discuss my options with him when I arrive. He has got me great hotel deals and for the price will do airport pick up Just google that email it will come up with his links. I am happy to have a trekking partner for a few days to see how things go and to share my guide/porter (I may be too slo w) and if things work out you chip in at the end, but as i say my dates are not concrete (pulled my back at the moment). Any way I am 46yrs married male having a mid life crisis

  2. Hey Patrick,

    All sounds good but I’m just wondering if you are doing the annapurna circuit, north west of kathmandu? As lukla is east. Not 100% sure on the ranges there so correct me if I’m wrong.


    • Hi Ben
      Totally my fault missread the Annapurna part. I am planning Everest base camp with the possibility of the Gokyo lakes on my return route (depending on how I feel). As I say I have to book my flight yet but with all things considered I should arrive around 22nd May. Regardless what happens hope ypu have a great time and enjoy. Read the most inspirational books about the AC Called Annapurna Circuit By Andrew Stevenson. Try and get a copy if you can, pretty life changing stuff.

  3. if you haven’t left yet I am in Kathmandu and will be in Porkhara tomorrow and would love to do it with you!

  4. Is this an old post or new? Looking to squeeze AC into the second half of my trip but I have to fly out of Katmandu on June 2nd

  5. Hey TigerClub/Ben (if this is a new post),

    What are your exact plans? I’d like to do the Annapurna around the same time. It looks like I’ll go somewhere in the second week of may, but I’m flexible with time. But I’m kinda still looking for someone to trek with. I don’t plan on hiring porters or a guide, but also don’t want to go alone. It’s my first time Nepal, but I’ve done some trekking in the Alps. Perhaps it could be nice to travel together?

  6. Hey, I am looking to trek around this region starting may 15th. I was hoping to meet up with some trekkers along the path, it’s a bonus being able to possibly plan this out before haha! I am a 18 year old Canadian with a passion for music, trekking and peace 😀 Hope to see you on the path. I am looking to complete the Annapurna sanctuary trek but I’m completely flexible with time and trekking routes. There is just a couple places I definitely want to check out (muktinath, poon hill etc)

  7. Hey Ben,

    I’m in Pokhara at the moment volunteering until May 17th. Very keen to trek the Annapurna Circuit! I just did Everest Base Camp trek but other than that I have never trekked before. I would like to try without a guide/porter too but would like to organise some partners to go with before I begin the trek. Let me know if you’re interested!

  8. Hi Brandon and Celeste,

    I think our plans match quite well. May be it’s nice to go together?
    Perhaps we could meet somewhere in Pokhara around the 17th of may?
    I think the post of Ben is a year overdue already:P

  9. I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu and would really like to hike the Annapurna Circuit. I don’t have any time restrictions. Aside from buying one or two pieces of gear I’m ready to go. Let me know if you guys are still around.

  10. Hey dudes, Ive also just arrived in Kathmandu and lookin to do the Annapurna circuit.
    I’m in no rush and wanna take it all in, but happy to move along at a good pace.
    I’d like to head there this week, but reckon I’ll hang longer than June 4.
    Lemme know the go 🙂