Annapurna Circuit & Sanctuary or equivalent!

Hi my name is Simon. (34 yr old guy from the UK) I’m planning to arrive in Kathmandu around the 12th-15th Feb and plan to go trekking to either Everest Base Camp or around the Annapurna Circuit. I really want to do a decent sized trek 2-3 weeks.

I am planning to arrange appropriate gear and guides (if necessary) etc. when I get to Kathmandu on Feb 26th for a couple of days and would be keen to meet one or two people who would also be keen for either of these treks or similar.



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  1. Hi Simon,
    Hey Simon, my Name is Anne , 39 years old from germany )
    i am in nepal from febr. 17th to march 16th – i am thinking about the manaslu cicuit – but you need 2 persons at least for the permit. Are you also interested in this trek? How long do you want to be on a trek? Furthermore i´m interested to see Tilicho lake or gosainkunda…
    i`m also thinking about to be in Kathmandu for the
    Shivaratri Festival on febr 27th so perhaps its possible to split the time an go on a mountainbike trip in the first days ?
    many ideas but really no plan…
    my plan is to let things happen in nepal

  2. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for your email and nice to meet you. My dates have changed slightly but they still overlap with yours. I am now planningto arrive in Kathmandu on the 26th Feb and planning to be in Nepal until about the Mar 26th(I will repost the trip dates!) I wanted to do a fairly decent trek whilst in Nepal about 2 to 3 weeks? I have been starting to look at the Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary which I have heard a lot of good things about. I have not heard of the Manaslu circuit but will look it up later today and learn a bit more about it? I also want to see Kathmandu so a festival (27th Feb sounds great!) I will need a day or 2 to organise my gear and permits in any case after arriving. Like you I have plenty of ideas an no plan but am sure it will all work out to be a great adventure! 🙂

  3. Hi Simon
    I arrive KTM 25 Feb and am looking do ABC and Ghorepani loop. Not sure if you are doing Annapurna circuit plus ABC or one or the other. I’ve done Ghorepani loop before and no need for guide although a porter might be handy. Let me know if you have a plan.
    Cheers Jean

  4. Hi, I just posted my trip. My dates are very similar to yours. Have you finalised the itinerary yet?

  5. Hello, Metod here from Slovenia, if you are interesting I plan to make Annapurna curcuit and base camp in february 2014 and after also Everest base camp. GREETINGS mETOD

  6. Hello, i m planing to go to Nepal at the first week of march, havent have a fix date yet.. i m planing to go to abc or annapurna circuit, can you send me your plan? perhaps it will suite with me

  7. Hi Simon, I am Dao from Toronto, Canada, 26 years old. I think our schedules are a pretty good match. I am flying into KTM on Feb 25. I am comtemplating doing the Annapurna Circuit trek, or any other similar treks with a length no more than 3 weeks (I am flying out of KTM on March 21). I know the traditional AC trek takes more than 3 weeks but I think there are a number of ways to make it shorter. I am also reading into Annapurna NATT trail which sounds interesting to me.

    I am physcially fit, an occasional hiker, an avid traveller. I am a sucker for beautiful scenery, tall mountains and local culture. Let me know if you want to discuss further 🙂


  8. Hi,

    I’m Chiara 34 years old and from The Netherlands. I’m planning on walking the Annapurna Circuit without guide (did the same trek and EBC a couple of years ago and it’s much more enjoyable without guide:-)) starting around the 25th of February, but I’m a bit flexible. Only have to get back in KTM 11 March to catch my flight to Delhi. I arrive in Kathmandu the 23rd.Maybe we can start together?


  9. hi, me and 1-2 other people from this site are going to do the AC beginning the 2nd of march on probably about a 20 day schedule. let me know if you want in you’re welcome to join

  10. Hi,Simon:)
    I’m Celine(Peiyi)from Taiwan,I’ll arrive KTM on Feb 25 ,I’m also want to trekking in Annapurna circuit for 3 weeks or so, I’m think to trekking without guide/porter,but would like to have trekking partners:)
    my plan is flexible,end of Feb or early Mar is ok for me,
    I’ll fly out of KTM on 24 Mar.
    so,if I can join you,please let me know:)
    we can discuss more details.


  11. Hi everyone, I’m currently in Kathmandu and planning to trek Annapurna ABC (10-12 days) starting next week, either Feb 25th or 26th. I fly home on March 13th so I need to back in KTM a few days before that to be safe. If anyone is interested in joining me please let me know!

  12. Hi guys!
    I’m from Switzerland (23 years old). I’m now in Pokhara and plan to do the Annapurna Circuit trek in a few days (27-28 feb).
    I think that I will go on my own from Besi Sahar to Chame (3-4 days), and maybe hire a guide from there if I find people to share the costs. If somebody wants to join, you’re welcome!!