Annapurna Circuit plus Sanctuary in April

Hello!  I’m looking for at least one person to join me for the Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary in April.  Fees are $20/day for a guide and $15/day for porter.  Or if you want to carry your own pack you could just chip in towards my porter guide ($18/day), which is what I am thinking to do if I end up solo.  I haven’t booked the guide yet but have been emailing with someone and can have it arranged once I know my group size.  I arrive in KTM on April 8th and will probably actually start trekking on the 11th.  I leave Nepal on May 7th so have plenty of time for the trek and could take 23-29 days and add on side trips like Tilicho Lake.  I am fit and have a good pace but not a face pace.  The route my contact has suggested starts in Chyamje.  This will be an amazing trip!



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  1. Hi Angela, I’ve exactly the same plan, but supposed to start from 28th April. I will finished the AC [kathmandu – kathmandu] by 15 days which includes a safety day on it. Are you planning to take a flight from Jomsom to Pokhara? or you’re planning to walk?

    good luck

  2. Hey Sakib, I’m planning to hike past Jomsom to the Sanctuary. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Hey. I arrive in Katmandu 30. of march, leave again 28. of april. Haven’t planned much yet, but I really want to do the circuit…. Any plans that would match up with your planes?


  4. Hi Angela
    I’d really like to do the circuit, with a guide (and maybe a porter too) though I have to leave a bit sooner – I’d be looking at 20 days max if possible. Do you think that would work with your plans?

  5. Hi,

    I arrive in Kathmandu on 7th April and am also looking to do the AC trek with optional add ons depending. I don’t fly home until June so time is on my side!
    I am not an experienced trekker but in good shape and up for a new challenge.
    It would be great to join up with people in Kathmandu to make arrangements.

    Let me know if you would like to meet. I will be on a budget – how much are you allowing for food and accommodation p/d on the trek??

  6. I really want to join you! I’ll arrive in pokhara Friday 11 april in the evening, so I can maybe start te trek on Sunday or Monday. Unfortunately I have to be back in Kathmandu the 30th of April so that will mean tot I can join you from Chamje till Jomsom or something.. Hope that is not a problem? Please contact me if you are interested because I think this would be an amazing trip!!