Annapurna circuit part I – II. Early april

I am looking for a travel buddy to do the full Annapurna Circuit. I am a very active person but i am in no rush for this trek. My priority is safety. I am traveling on a budget. I havent planned to take a guide/porter. I speak french, I am from french side of Canada.



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  1. Starting annapurna circuit by 8th, will reach kathmandu from india on the 6th, 7th permissions and 8th off to the starting point of the trek via bus.. When are you reaching nepal ?

  2. Landing the 10th at kathmandu I plan to do the same . I speak french, I am from the canadian side of France.

  3. Hey! Think I have pretty much the same idea as you and would like to leave for Bhulbhule 4th of april. If you are arriving in Kathmandu that date I understand that it’s a bit early for you. What would be the earliest date you could consider staring?

    Im 28, from Oslo Norway. Easy going and quite a pleasant person if I might say so myself, he he;-)

  4. Hey Justine,

    I am planning to do the same trek than you around the same time and I am looking as well for some trekking buddies to share the experience with.
    I also have a small budget but hey that’s the adventure !
    Otherwise I’m 24, french and I just want to enjoy “un max et en prendre plein la vue”!

    Tiens moi au courant et dans tous les cas bon trek !


  5. Hi all,

    Think I might have replied some of you above separately! But we are an Irish couple, 29, looking to do the same itinerary as most of you. Our French is barely passable but I’m sure we’d get by! 😀

    We arrive in KTM on April 5th from India, permits etc for couple of days after that so would be able to start a few days after the 5th.
    We’d like to meet up with an easy going group to enjoy the trails and stops along the way.

    Drop a line if the itineraries line up. We are pretty flexible as we don’t have a departure date from Nepal yet.


  6. Hi everyone,

    I have also replied to a few of the above folk!
    I am new to this site so forgive my sporadic messages….

    I am looking to do this trek also, though don’t get into Kathmandu until 7th April. So if you are at all flexible then please let me know. I am on a budget but considering a porter depending on the trek.

    Brian – I am in Nepal until 8th June so please let me know if you and your partner find any other trips further down the line. I am travelling solo so on the lookout for good company!

    About me, I am 27 (28 next week) and a novice trekker but in good shape. I’m a freelance writer and musician by trade and pretty easy going by nature. Just up for an adventure really, though slightly nervous about this one I’ll admit!

  7. Hi everyone,

    I’m Vevien from Shanghai, China. Currently I’m volunteering in Budhanilkantha, where is 30 minutes away from Kathmandu by driving. I have 20 days off so I plan to take the full Annapurna Circuit and stay in Pokhara for 3 nights. I schedule to set off on April 7 or 8 from Kathmandu. My Nepalese contact number is 9803919173.