Annapurna Circuit Nepal

I was suppose to trek the Circuit with a group, but they all decided to go to India instead, so I’m looking for anyone who’d be into doing the circuit in August

United States


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  1. in august? of these year? o 2014?

  2. This year

  3. I would like to do it in october ? would you want to delay it?

  4. hey mate. I thinking of heading to KTM on 8/9th of august and looking for trekking companion. I m not super fit more of the slow and steady kind of a trekker. I plan to do atleast 16-20 days of trekking around the circuit with some side treks if fitness allows. let me know what your plans are? cheers nadith

  5. That sounds great, but i’m leaving the 24th of August, so if you could get here any sooner that would be perfect!

  6. booked my ticket today. i arrive 6th, will get all permits sorted on 7th. how does that work?

  7. Defiantly, we could go till the 23rd and that would be 17 day worth of hiking

  8. Hey Nadith, I found a different circuit the Manaslu Circuit, which is a little shorter in trekking days which might make it a little easier and from what I’ve heard so far about the Manaslu circuit is it’s suppose to have better views of the Himalayas and is less affected by Monsoon season, which means we wouldn’t have to deal with as much rain or muddy trails, message me back if you’re interested

  9. Hey guys!
    I just spent two weeks in the Pamir region and will arrive in Kathmandu on the 10th of August. I have 16 days to spend, so I’ll be leaving again on the 26th of August.
    Do you think that fits with your tekking plans? Let me know if so!