Annapurna Circuit – Nar-Phu

Hey everyone,

due to my travels are getting more specific, I am looking for 2 more pepole for trekking the nar-Phu valley.
I meet a friend around the 3rd. of March in Pokhare. We start the Annapurna Circuit and then the nar-Phu valley. Because we need a guide from Koto we are looking for 1or 2 more people to share a guide with. The nar-Phu will take around 8 days after that we will continue the anapurna and will be on the road for around 3 weeks. The rest of the trek we wont hire a guide but for Nar valley it is compulsory. It would be grt to stay at Homestays but if not Teahouses will be fine as well.

Of course it also depends on the weather conditions. But we are optimisitc to have great weather.
Due to we dont have a fix rout we are +-2 days flexible around the 8.03.2017 to meet at Koto or 04.03.2017 at Phkhara. 🙂

Cheers Chris



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  1. Hi Chris
    I plan to fly into Kathmandu a few days after you (i might be a bit late?). I like the sound of Nar Phu.
    I was thinking about Kanchenjunga but am changing my mind to Annapurna. I was in Manaslu last year and loved it.
    How many days all up are you thinking with Nar Phu plus circuit?

    • @ Kate
      When will you start?
      We will be trekking for around 3 weeks.

  2. Ah – i just saw 3 weeks….

  3. We are doing the Nar Phu trek from March 12. Hopefully see you guys there!
    well, Let me know if you need a guide for Nar Phu!!!
    I’ve got some guys ready!!

    • Hey Ajay,
      how many days are you planning to trek and with how many people? We might be able to start somewhere else and go to nar phu afterwards.
      Although we want to find a guide in koto, who can you recommend?

  4. Hey Chris!
    We are planning to finish Narphu and Annapurna circuit in around 20 days. I have 3 people and 2 porters.

    How many days do you need guide for?
    In my opinion, you’d require guide for 7-8 days. But please let me know to be sure!
    As you know it’s hard to get a local guide from Koto but still i’ll try to contact some of my local friends.

    • Cool. Thanks in advance. I also think it will be around 8 days. The permit will be valid for 7 so maybe we can manage it in 7.

  5. Hello everyone… Do you still seeking for a person more?
    I have a similar time frame with you, but still not sure what the exact plan.
    At 2014 i did the ac till jomsom, i had a great experience there, where i met friends from this website
    Let me know if there is still an extra seat