Annapurna Circuit + Nar Phu

I’m planning to do a modified version of the Annapurna Circuit starting in Jomsom and ending in Besisahar with a side trip up to Nar Phu. I’m doing a trail race in the Mustang area before so I’ll already be acclimatized and want to keep up a fast pace. For the circuit portion, I’d prefer to hike without a guide and then pick one up around Ngawai for venturing into Nar Phu (my understanding is that it’s better to have one there). It’s my first time trekking in Nepal but I’ve done many of the classic hut-to-hut treks in the Alps.



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  1. Hey Nick,

    I’m in Kathmandu April 29th until May 9th and wanted to do a 5-7 day trek somewhere, I’m sure there’s no chance of an overlap but it was worth the shot! Never been before 🙂

  2. Hi – I’m the same
    April 29th – May 14th
    Keen on doing a nice hike in the region or 2 short ones. wrte you guys going to travel directly from Kathmandu or pass one night in pokhara?

    • Hey Mimi, I’ll be coming down from Mustang and ideally would like to go from Jomsom.

  3. Hi,
    I’m going to start planning properly closer to the time as I have exams. Happy to spend a couple of hours here and there as distraction. Try my email: mirifahmy at

  4. Hey Nick,
    I’m looking to do some trekking or climbing between the 27th April and 22nd of May. My plans are pretty flexible, I have lots of backcountry and mountaineering experience but first time in Nepal! Let me know if you’re still looking for a trekking partner .