Annapurna Circuit + Naar-Pho


I am going to Nepal in earlier September for the first time and this will be my first trekking experience as well.

After some struggle about where to trek, i finally came to the decision to go for Annapurna + Naar – Pho, but until this point this is basically what i was able to plane.

I would love to add Naar – Pho to the Circuit, because i can’t go to Tibet and i figuered out that this is an amazing opportunity to experience some tibetan culture, but there are some problems.

So Naar – Pho is a restricted area, where we can’t go whitout a guide and a minimum of two trekkers are required to obtain the permit. I was thinking to do the Annapurna Circuit whitout a guide and hire one for Naar – Pho, but i’m not really sure that this is will be the best option.

Anyway, as you can see i haven’t plan that much yet so if you are thinking about the same circuit on the same time, fell free to contact and join me!

I am on a budget, i like to take my time (despite having only 19-21 days to trek) and i am 24 years old guy from Portugal!



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  1. Hi Joao
    I’m Mo. I’m going on the exact same period and route
    would you like to join me? or we can talk about details first.

  2. Hi there,
    I’m planning to trek in the same period as you and I’m also a ‘first-timer on a budget’ with about 20 days to fill in Nepal. At the moment I’m in contact with a local guide there to explore my possibilities. The Annapurna Circuit is at this moment also preferable for me. I would like to share a guide if you would like that? The local guide I’m in contact with is very flexible on dates and routes so maybe we can work something out together.

  3. Hey, everyone! Are you still planning on starting this Sunday? I’d love to join for the first part of the trek, if so! Also trying to keep things frugal.