Annapurna Circuit – looking for fellow Trekking Partners :)

Just booked my flight to Kathmandu. I will hike the Annapurna Circuit. Thats all I got so far when it comes to my plan(s).

Looking forward to a trekking partner 🙂

See you

(I am Austrian, living in Switzerland and Czech Republic)



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  1. When will you arrive/trek? I am also in search of a trekking partner!

  2. Oh, excuse me… Ive just noticed that you have a start date of the 12th. Is that the day you fly in? Or is it the day you intend on departing KTM for the Annapurna? I arrive on the eighth, and getting paperwork sorted the 10th, and intended to start the 11th. I am Flexible, though as my flight back home isn’t until the 31st.

  3. Hi I’ll be arriving on the 14th in kathmandu. I’ll will be in nepal until around the 6th December. I will be doing some paragliding mainly as i’m bringing my wing but i would like to fit in a trek as well. I cant bring took much gear as my wing will take up all my luggage space.