Annapurna Circuit – June 2013

Hi there,

I am looking to do the NATT version of the Annapurna circuit. Planning about 20 days of trekking with side trips and all. While my dates are flexible, I can’t get to Nepal before June so it will have to be a monsoon adventure! This will be my first trip to Nepal, and while I consider myself to be in good shape, and a quick hiker, this will also be my first long trek.
I am open to the idea of hiring a guide, but want to skip the porters.

As for me, I am 23, female, with a decent amount of travelling experience. I am looking for some fun people to join me for the adventure. Drop me a line if you are interested, even if you have alternate treks to suggest as I am open to alternate ideas.

Hi Jodie
I am going to do this NATT trail of AC thi April. I will update you the info if you want.


Hi! Are you still interested in doing NATT in June? Please give me some more details about your trip! Looking forward


Hi Joanna!
I am absolutely still interested in NATT in June. I wish I had a lot more details, however I haven’t done too much planning yet. All I can tell you is that I am hoping to show up in Kathmandu and figure out the final details from there. I am planning on taking approximately 20 days for the trek and following the NATT guide pdf. My dates are completely flexible (pending flight prices), so long as the trek doesn’t start before June, and I am open to side trips and other adventures along the way.
Are you hoping to do something similar?


Hey Jodie/Joanna

I am interested in doing a long trek in Nepal in the month of June as well. But I would prefer doing the EBC. Are you interested in doing that?

Yes agreed it might get a little wet but as you said it’s a “monsoon adventure”. Let me know if you change your mind!


Hi Adarsh,

I might be interested in the EBC, but not as an alternative to the NATT circuit. Do you know when you are hoping to go? I would like to do the Annapurna circuit first and see how I am feeling at the end of it before deciding to do the EBC as well.


Hi Jodie, Yamae, Joanna, Adarsh

we are 2 (Jesah and me, 31, 36) doing the Annapurna circuit in 15 days from May 24th to June 7th (without guide, only a sherpa/porter). You are welcome if you want to join us. for more info:


I appreciate the invite, unfortunately I won’t be in Nepal until after you have finished your trek. Have a fantastic time!




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  1. Hey Jodie,

    I’m traveling solo to Kathmandu on June 4 and leaving July 1. I want to do the Annapurna Circuit also!! And could really use a companion, I not to interested in hiring a guide or a porter, i’d rather save money.

    Im 24, american male, and consider myself to be in good shape. I’ve currently been living in Singapore for one year, so “im going to freeze my ass off” and need time acclimatizing, but I think my obsession with mountains will allow me to persevere.

    Let me know if you still want to do the trip,

    , Jon

    • hey guys,
      i m a guy from mumbai and intresed in 14-15 days trekking in june. Earlier i was thinking of going via some trek organisers but then came to know about this site. Pls drop me an email on

  2. Am keen on the June annapurna circuit trek. If this plan firms up, pls keep me posted. Thanks

    • Srinivas* not shrinivas, sorry haha

    • Hi Jon, Jun…Plan to be in Nepal by mid June and happy to start the trek immediately. Ideally want to do the Annapurna circuit (atleast 15 day and building up to the Thorong La pass) route but flexible on that. Indifferent on any combination of porters/guides or not having them. Since i will be leaving from Singapore too, maybe i should get in touch…what s your email address? Cheers

    • Hey Srinivas and Jun,

      Sounds great Srinivas. Are you interested in starting the trek as early as the 13th of June??

      You can contact me at

      , Jon

  3. Hey Jodie,
    My name is Jun and from South Korea. I may be doing Annapurna Circuit in mid June as well.

    BTW, can you guys share your gear lists? I haven’t been to Nepal and trying to figure out what I need to bring with me.


    • Hey Shrinivas and Jun,

      When will you be in Nepal? Are you there now? I’ve spoken with Deepak about trekking the Annapurna Base Camp beginning the second week of June, are you interested? I’m still game in doing the circuit, but will only have about 2.5 weeks to complete.

      Jun, This is my first time in Nepal, so I am also not so sure on what to bring. I’m told you can buy most of the stuff in Kathmandu, the knock offs are super cheap. However, I am going to bring things that I dont trust buying in Kathmandu such as a good pair of trekking Boots, Socks (warm and cold), Waterproof Shell (jacket), and Non-cotton underwear.

      Heres my list:
      waterproof Boots, down jacket (may not be needed), waterproof shell jacket, fleece jacket, non-cotton shirt, shirt with collar (for sun protection), poncho, trousers, sandals, shorts, socks, gloves, backpack, backpack rain cover, sleeping bag (not sure if you really need this), headlamp, spare batteries, water bottle, toilette paper, towell… along with any other crap you need in nepal.

      Let me know whats up, I’ll be in Kathmandu come this Tuesday.