Annapurna Circuit in March 2014

Hello there.

Trekking in Nepal has been something I wanted to do for a long time, so I’ve taken a month off work in March and would love to walk the AC. I’m looking for some friendly companions to share the experience with.

No set plan at mo…easy to go with a guide or without….still researching.
Don’t want to rush round it, would like to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the views.
Look forward to hearing from you, Cheers Kitty



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  1. Hi Kitty,

    I am taking off from work as well in march. I would love to join this trip and I want to go easy as the purpose is not trekking only, I do want to store side scenes in my mind for years to come. Please let me know the dates once confirmed

  2. Hi Kitty,

    I am arriving in Kathmandu in 26th March and am looking at doing the Annapurna circuit. Would like to meet some easygoing, friendly people to do this with also. At the moment my plan is to arrive in Kathmandu and spend a few days sorting out permits, gear, explore Kathmandu, meet people if haven’t beforehand etc. and then to set off. I’m wanting to do a 2-3 weeks trek and am not fussed about the pace. Main thing is to enjoy the experience of being up in the Himalayas. I am also undecided on whether porters/guides are necessary, I guess if you have a group then its easier to share this if needed. Have been looking at Annapurna Circuit with side trip to Annapurna sanctuary also but if organising independently I guess can work it out as we go (eg dependent on pace, weather, how people are feeling etc). Also still very much researching at this stage! Let me know what you think?


  3. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your email. I really like the sound of your plan, it sounds very similar how I want to approach this trip. I really don’t want to join a large organised trip, where you walk in a line with 16 people…
    I just like being outdoors and agree about just enjoying the experience of the Himalayas, rather than racing round it. I also like the fact you are thinking of doing the Circuit and then possibly the Sanctuary……a lot of walking….blimey you would have legs of steel after that..
    Unfortunately I don’t think our dates match. I work as a freelancer and finish on a job on the 28th Feb, so I want to head out to Nepal early March.
    I’ve been in contact with an independent female trekking guide (, who seems really lovely and laid back. Also gets great reviews. Thinking I will go down this route if I can’t find any walking buddies…billy no mates!
    I’ve also started reading a Cicerone guide book on Annapurna…if you haven’t got a guide book, this one seems pretty good….it also talks about how to take some little side trails to avoid the new road. Oh yer another top tip I found, is looking on the Lonely Planet website…loads of folk who have been to Annapurna with some great advice….
    If your plans changes and you end up in Nepal earlier let me know,
    Have a great trip,

  4. Hey Kitty!
    I’m Bernie from Ireland and I also wanted to do the Annapurna Base Camp trek. I fly into Kathmandu on March 2nd, and depart on March 16th. Currently I’m still deciding on whether or not to go with a tour company that provides everything, as I don’t have much time for planning. But obviously it’d be a lot cheaper to do regularly with others. So if out dates match up just let me know and we can chat some more.

    All the best!

  5. Hi Bernie,
    How’s it going? Unfortunately I’m not going to be doing the base camp trek at that time, I’m going to be doing the Circuit route first and maybe do the base camp one after that if my legs don’t give way….think the first trek is about 20 days. Good luck with your plans, and have a great trip, Kitty

  6. Heyo Kitty – I’m currently on an 8-month trip through Asia and plan to spend at least 2 months tea-house trekking in Nepal mid-February to mid-April. I’m not too fussy about which treks to be honest; I just want to get into the mountains and walk/relax/take photos. Hooking up with a small group of people to walk with would be ideal. From what I’ve heard a guide isn’t necessary and I’d prefer to be independent. I have a lot of trekking experience around the word but never been to Nepal before. Excited! Get in touch if that all sounds grand 🙂 Ciao, Ashraf

  7. Hello… i m planing to arrive at nepal at the 1st week of march. havent decide yet about the fix date of arrival, but i must go back home at march 27th.
    can you mail me about your trip.. i m a solo traveler from indonesia, and i havent have an exact plan about what will i do in nepal.

  8. I’m going to do the APC with a couple of friends in March as well. We’ll be hitting KTM on the 3rd and making our way to Besisahar the next day to start our trek on the 4th if all goes well. So we might cross paths – pretty awesome. We have to be back in KTM by the 21st, so I’m not sure where we’ll leave from on the west side. Really looking forward to this trek.

  9. Hi!

    Your attitude sounds good 🙂 Do you have a fix plan yet? I would like to do the AC in early March too. No guide, a reasonable pace… Would be nice to be in a Hindu town for the Holi festival on the 17th.

  10. Hello everyone – I’ve arranged a car/jeep from KTM to Chame on 4 March 2014. Let me know if you’d like to join – won’t cost much the more people we get. I’ve done ABC, Annapurna Circuit (twice), and climbed Annapurna IV – very familiar with area and happy to provide recommendations.

  11. Hello all!

    I’m investigating trekking in Nepal…nervous to book my flight without a trekking partner etc. I am very interested and open to all options during March. I just need to be in Rishekesh by April 4th. Other than that I’m very flexible for any trip but I am interested in Annapurna.



  12. Hi everyone,

    I’m definitely getting into Kathmandu March 1st/2nd, looking to do something in the Annapurna area. Have to be back in the UAE for my outdoor work by the 21st. Guessing I’d be pushing it to get the full circuit in? Any one interested in something shorter, maybe ABC first?

  13. Hello all.. just ask Nicholas to invite to the facebook group…..

  14. @elisa and jordan, a few of us on here have a trip set up leaving on the 3rd of March, you are welcome to join-PM me or Nicholas Toh, or write something here

  15. Hi Noah & Ariel, looks like a really cool trip. Is a little too long for what I’m looking for. I’m only there for 20 days, so would like to spend some time in Pokhara. Cheers though guys

  16. Hi,Kitty:)
    I’m Celine(Peiyi)from Taiwan,I’ll arrive KTM on Feb 25 ,I’m also want to trekking in Annapurna circuit for 3 weeks or so, I’m think to trekking without guide/porter,but would like to have trekking partners:)
    my plan is flexible,end of Feb or early Mar is ok for me,
    I’ll fly out of KTM on 24 Mar.
    so,if I can join you,please let me know:)
    we can discuss more details.


  17. Hi Kitty,

    Wow you’ve had lots of replies here! Are your plans still to do the APC independently in early March? I arrive in Kathmandu on 28th Feb, which is a Friday and my only limiting factor is that I need to leave a visa for processing before I head out trekking. If I can get this sorted on the friday then I should be ready to leave on the 3rd or 4th.

    How does this fit with your plans?


  18. Hi Judi,
    Sorry to say I’ve already sorted a guide and walking partner. Don’t start trek until the 7th. Maybe see you on the circuit, happy travels Kitty