Annapurna Circuit Guided or Not Guided November 20-22 start with awesome person or duo!

My friend and I are weighing our options for the Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Either we leave together to do the Annapurna Circuit independently starting next Wednesday, November 20th


I have a really awesome female guide lined up to start the trek on the 22nd, though my friend is more interested in doing the circuit alone.

Anyone interested in joining me or us on either of these dates??

United States


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  1. hiya,
    you will probably meet nice single trekkers while hiking . Even me 😉 I can start not earlier than on 27th , so see you somewhere and have you safe trek.

  2. Hi

    I am interested in the circuit starting on similar dates. I’d rather not do a guide, although a female guide def sounds cool, I had a female guide in Ladakh.


  3. Look , Skippy … I did 4yrs ago Lhotse trek and strait afterwords Poon Hill -Ghorepani Loop then Chitwan .the last was with a guide as it`was necessary to go into the jungle with wild animals .
    Everything what you need for classic trek in AC is a good mood ,prepared gear (if heavy -porter) and ready steady go . Lots of people on trails , too many ,three time more than in Khumbu. I`d prefer do something uncommon and seek beauty points of view. please check my project here :
    my plan is not easy but safe with stunning views.
    i did not buy tickets yet and prices rises also ,
    well if i will not find a company till tomorrow I would get trip to Patagonia which is cheap now and not many people like in Nepal in Dec.

  4. hey katie m leaving for the annapurna circuit on 15th december.let me know if we can meet.take care

  5. Hi katie, I’m about to start the AC about friday 22 of november. let me know if it will be relevant to join you and your friend, i am planing on doing the trek alon without a guide or a porter.

  6. Hello,
    I’m a 28 years old French girl beginning a kind of round the world trip here in Nepal and would love to do the Annapurnas’ circuit. With or without a guide is fine for me. I read a lot of reviews at the KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) telling that it is quite easy to follow the Lonely Planet descriptions.

    Actually i could be quite flexible, being in Neal until the 15. of December.
    I would love meet some of you if you’re still around to speak and eventually plan a trek together.

    I hope hearing of you! Have a nice evening!

  7. Hi Henrie , when you will in Pokhara or Kathmandu ? I will in Nepal in next week so . greets

    ps. check here :its a good bit of guide (french-nepali writer)