Annapurna Circuit from Besi Sahar to Jomsom


I am a 32 female from Greece, planning to do the Annapurna circuit from Besi Sahar to Jomsom starting on the 16th of September and finishing within 12-14 days. I have a couple of days flexibility, both before and after the trek and I would love some trekking company.

I am considering hiking with an assistant guide (porter guide) which I am happy to share.

Please note that I have some trekking experience but not much training and so I am planning to hike on a slow, relaxed pace.

It would be great to hear from you, if this fits with your hiking plans.

Happy trekking,




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  1. Hi Vikki
    My name is Bernie, I arrive in Ktm 18th sept and hope to begin the trek on 19th or 20th September after arranging my Tims & permits etc,
    I’m a 60 year old english guy living in Australia, still fit but will going at a relaxed pace and carrying my own pack, you may wish to start earlier so no worries if our plans dont match up

  2. Hi Bernie,

    Thanks for the response, I am hoping to be starting a little earlier than this but if my plans change, I will definitely drop you a message.

    All the best,

  3. Hi Vikki,
    Ok no problem thanks for getting back to me & good luck!