Annapurna Circuit from 23/24 Dec to 11/12 Jan

Hi, I am from Munich in Germany and plan on doing the annapurna circuit starting from about December 23rd and look for nice company for the full or parts of the track : )
I will have to catch the plane back on January 12.

So far I have not planned to get a guide but I would also be open to that option. I have not been to Nepal before but have some experience from hiking in the Alps. My pace maybe a little above average, but I am also willing to adapt to slower or faster paces 😉

If you are interested to join please let me know.




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  1. Hey,

    I am reaching Katmandu by 23rd December, and am planning on Annapurna trek from there.

    I am 22 years old from India and this is my first time in Nepal. I wanna do the trek without a guide as it would be more fun.

    If you could wait a day or two we can do it togethere.


  2. Hi Th, Harsh,

    I am very interested in joining you guys for the Annapurna Circuit. Will confirm in the next days. Will be my first time in Nepal as well. I’ll be coming from NY, NY.

  3. Hi guys… i think i would love to joint u as well but i might make it a bit shorter since i need to catch my flight at 5 jan

  4. TH, i will reach KTM by 23rd. I will message you my number which I will be using there you can contact me through it.

    Nicky when are you reaching Nepal?

  5. Im landed 🙂 u hav email so i can text u my local no

  6. Hi Guys,

    I am landing in Kathmandu on Sunday evening and want to take the bus on Monday if possible. Maybe we can catch up at some point.


  7. I will start my trek by tuesday/wednesday as I have to do some shopping in katmandu. We will meet up in the route if possible

  8. Hey fellas, just booked my flight, unfortunately it takes me 2 days to get to KTM, so I won’t get in until Dec 25th at night. My plan is to take get my permit squared away the next day and bus over to Besi Sahar. Will likely be dark by the time I get there, so unfortunately I won’t start actual hiking until Dec 27th. Not sure if this will match with any of your itineraries, but let me know anyway.

  9. Hey Franklin,

    my flight goes tomorrow. I am planing to start the treck on Monday evening or Tuesday morning presumably. But I may go for a detour at some point of the track, So we might catch up later on the track.

    Harsh and Nicky if you guys wanna meet in Pokhara or Kathmandu, give me a text. My cell phone number is +49 176 325 338 16
    Are you still in Kathmandu on Sunday night, Harsh?


  10. TH most probably my flight will land on sunday around 2pm, if thats the case I can start the trek by Monday with you. If not then we can meet up down the trek.

    Franklin if my flight gets delayed/cancelled or if I reach there after Sunday, I will let you know.

  11. I arrive in Pokhara on 24 Dec and looking to trek 9 days ABC from 26th if anyone interested let me know, Kevin

  12. Kevin I can start annapurna trek from 29th at the earliest. If its possible for you let me know