Annapurna Circuit – Flexible dates/duration/pace

Hi everyone!
My name is Joe, I’m from Australia, heading to KTM March 15th – April 4th and hoping to do some of the AC. in that time.
Ideally would like to do a section 7-12 days duration, but flexible with timing and departure/arrival points.
I’m of average fitness, not looking to rush anything but happy to walk 6-8hrs a day and take in the surroundings.

I’m also an avid photographer and drone videographer, although still undecided if the drone will be suitable to bring on such a trek. (I do try to be respectful to minimise noise and annoyance to others, and wouldn’t fly it near people)

I’m keen to stay in tea houses and go with the flow, from my research so far I don’t think i’ll need a guide/porter but I’m open to the idea. (I travel light)

A bit about me, I work as a flight instructor, but am also a passionate musician and love travelling. I am vegetarian, easy-going, enjoy a chat/laugh and quiet time too.

Get in touch if you’re looking for similar and we’ll go from there!
Cheers, Joe



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  1. Hi Joe, I like your plans for the Annapurna Circuit. I will be in Nepal around the same dates and like the idea of your plans. I travel light as well and was hoping to do it without a guide/porter also.

    I’m fit, very easy going and laid back. I’m also an Australian, from Brisbane. Let me know if any of this appeals and I’ll be in touch,
    Cheers Kim

  2. Hi Joe,
    i’m paola from italy, and I have just fixed my flight .. I’m arriving in KTM on March 16th and I want to do all the Circuit undecided as you if independently or with a guide ( i prefer the first one) .
    no hurry, travel light.
    I’m a wedding photographer but I think it would be a great idea leave my cameras at home ad use only my phone !!

  3. Hi guys,
    I am planning to do the circuit as well around those dates (still have to book my flight so i am still quite flexible). I’d definively prefer to do the circuit without guide and without rush. I am wondering if you ‘d like to form a small group and do the circuite together sll four of us. We could also meet in kathmandu and get to know each other and decide if we feel comfortable to travel together.

    Cheers from Austria,


  4. Greetings Everybody:
    I shall be reaching KTM on 18th March from FRA, and quite flexible with the plans. My research suggests, there is taxi/bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar, where the trail starts. It may be also possible to reach Chame by jeep and start the trek from there.
    Best regards, Pal

  5. Hey, Joe. I’m flying to Kathmandu on Mar 17th. And I’m planning to go to Besisahar the next day. I’m also like photography and plan to take a lot of photos. You can see in my profile, I have a preliminary plan on where to go day-by-day as my schedule is a bit tighter and I’ flying away on April 2nd.

  6. Hello Joe (and everyone else here),
    I’m planning on doing the AC trek, and arrive leave on the same dates as Besisahar(we must be on the same flights!) and am interested in joining you all. I’d also like to stay I tea houses, I’m open to porters guides option and in no rush. I’m fit and friendly, enjoy chatting (I’m Irish). Again happy to meet in KTM beforehand.

  7. Hey Joe I’m in Pokhara at the moment waiting on a guide/porter to arrive back to leave on Saturday the 17th to do Annapurna base camp. 10 days of trekking at $25 US per day for porter/guide. I’m Aussie, not in any hurry bringing my camera and happy to take time. Let me know if your interested