Annapurna circuit end of may

Hi! I am a 26 year old guy looking for some people to do the circuit with. I am looking to spend about 18-20 days doing it. I am an experienced backpacker but I would like to share the cost of a guide. Currently I am in Kathmandu an will probably be leaving to Pokhara may 26th.

I am ready to leave as soon as you are!

United States


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  1. Nepal is country of brave Gurkhas,birth place of lord Buddha, place to touch the highest peak in the world and country of art and temple. Futhermore,Nepal is home to eight out of fourteen highest peak in the world with altitude exceeding 8,000 meters.

    If you are looking for culture and adventure partner then Touch The Himalaya could be your right solution. We have a groups of trekking guides, who have done the trek innumerable times. They are familiar with local peoples and their language. They can speak in your native languages. They are fully conscious about impact of high altitude trekking or walking in a tiger territory so they can ensure your safety and security.

    whether you are single or you have group, we have special package for you that will fits in your budget.We are also conscious about social responsibility. for more information please just contact me at I would do my best.

    • Hi Jarred

      My name is Kate and I am a 28 year old female from NZ. I came from Kathmandu to Pohkara today and I amm also looking for a trekking partner and want to start Asap. You can’email me if you are keen on