Annapurna Circuit (Besisahar to Birethanti


My name is Ben, a 24 year old American, though I moved to New Zealand 2 years ago. I’m looking to travel to Nepal and hike the Annapurna Circuit starting sometime from mid November. My itinerary at the moment is for 16 days, but I realise that may be a little optimistic. I will have additional time built in as I plan to cross into India afterwards.

As I’m trying to stick to a low budget, I plan to forgo any porters or guides (It doesn’t sound like they’re really necessary from everything I’ve read). I’ve done some multi-day trekking here in New Zealand. No 2-3 week treks, but I am in pretty good shape and I can keep up a decent pace. I don’t plan to rush though and want to spend enough time to enjoy and take in a new part of the world.

I’m pretty “go with the flow” so I’d probably be happy on my own or with others. If there is anyone there at the same time with a similar plan and who wants company, leave me a message and we can chat.



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  1. Hey Ben,

    I’m also a 24 year old American guy. I am planning on flying into Kathmandu on the 6th of November and trekking the Annapurna Circuit starting a few days after that. It looks like I will have one other person from this site joining me for about 10 days before she heads back to Kathmandu. If we start trekking on the 8th or 9th, would that work for you? Itinerary of about 16 days should be OK.

    Let me know.

    • Hi Brady,

      Unfortunately, those dates won’t work for me as my flight gets into Kathmandu on 12 November. I’m hoping to set out on the trail on the 14th or 15th. Those dates are flexible but obviously I’m restricted from starting earlier by my flight schedule.


    • Hi Brady,
      I’m Kara, a 27 year old American girl. I’m looking to do Annapurna circuit around the time you are going. I’m traveling solo at the moment and don’t have my ticket to Kathmandu yet, but will purchase as soon as I figure out trekking plans. I am wanting to return back to pokhara or Kathmandu around nov 22 to head back home.
      I’m in good shape but definitely don’t want to rush the trail as I am easily mesmerized by mountains! Let me know if this works and we can further plan!

      Talk soon

  2. Hey Kara,

    Great to hear from you! That is awesome that you want to do it at the same time. I have been working out the trip details with another person from this site, and you can definitely join up with us.

    I also haven’t bought my tickets yet, but I am very close to doing so because they are at the lowest price in weeks right now.

    If you can send me a message with your email address, we can work out the details so we can get our tickets booked and plans set.


  3. All,

    Howdy. I’m headed out to the Manaslu Trek on 15 November and looking for trekking partners. Just thought I’d let you know of my plans given it’s the same/similar timeframe.



  4. Hi Ben, I am from Spain and I will go to Kathmandu on 12th november too. I want to do Annapurna circuit or everest base camp trek. My idea is start the trek on 14th because my flight arrives at the night and I want to stay one day in Kathmandu and buy some things and get the TIMS and ACAP. I don’t have a partner because I will travel solo. If you want, maybe we can do together the trek. I am learning english so I’m not an expert with the language. If you want to know something more just ask.

  5. I am thinking of doing Annapurna basecamp or circuit and looking for trekking partners. Just arrived in Pokhara. Please let me know about your plan guys 🙂

    • Hi floor. I read that you too are searching for trekkingp. I am in Pokhara at the moment and I wonder if you still are looking for a partner to do the Annapurna trekk? Please reply if so and I hope to hear from you (: Cheers

  6. Any chance you would want to leave on the 15th?

  7. Hi Ben! I would like to do the Annapurna circuit trekk. I am in Pokhara at the moment. Which date are you planning to departure? Oh yeah I’m from Sweden, 26 years old and are traveling on my own at the moment. Looking forward to hear from you, at the meantime, take care! Cheers (:

    • Hi Alma, if you are interested.. An English man I’ve met (28) and I are going to do the abc trek, leaving tomorrow. Free to join.