Annapurna Circuit + Base Camp (±25 days)

Hey all, I am Irthe, a 20 year old International Law & Human Rights student from the Netherlands.

By the end of June I will go to Nepal by myself for some kind of “soul-searching” purposes.

I am planning to trek the Annapurna Region (Annapurna Circuit + Base Camp) in July (off-season) and I am looking for a trekking buddy or a (small) group to join.
I still have to decide whether I want to hire a guide, the thing is I don’t want to trek on my own, so I would like to join a group or trek together. If I trek together with someone I won’t necessarily need a guide.

I am also on a budget so I would rather don’t take the guide.

Anyone trekking in the Annapurna Region in July?

Please let me know and maybe we can become trekking partners or friends.



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  1. Hi i’m prozak, a 21 years old student currently double majoring in film direction and IT from Nepal looking to get away from the usual company.
    I have been to Annaupurna base camp once couple of years ago(no need for guide). Being a student i’m also on a budget. I’m flexible on date we can discuss about that later.
    If you are interested text back or mail me.
    BTW, I just returned from a 10 days course on Vipasanna meditation

  2. Hi Irthe and Prozak,
    I am Hady, I am 20 and studies political science in the US, I am currently planing a trip to India and Nepal around the same time as you, I am hoping to do an Annapurna Circuit or Poon Hill trek. I am also traveling on a budget and would rather not have a guide. it would be pleasant to have you as partners on either trek (My plans are still flexible). So let’s get in touch guys.

    • Hey Hady nice to meet you! See my message below!

  3. hey guys!
    Nice to meet you!
    My plans have changed a little bit….. I decided I would rather do the Everest Base Camp via Gokyo lakes. I want to start from Jiri so I can avoid the flight to Lukla and spend the money on a few extra days of trekking. Do you guys really want to do annapurna or are you willing to do EBC and Gokyo ? I will be in Kathmandu on 2 july.

  4. Hi
    Would love to do The annapurna cirquit or Everest basecamp .
    People recomend to do Everest region with guide , especially due to The weather in july.
    In The meanwhile Anna purna should be easier to do Independent . And still really beautiful. I”mia budget traveller and Would love to du it Cheap.
    I”m 21 years old and from Denmark .
    Let me know your plans i”m really interested.

    • Text me back when you guys are in Nepal so we can meet up and make plans.

  5. Hi,

    I’m planning on doing the Annapurna Base Camp trek around mid-July. If anyone is interested or is also planning on doing this trek at this time of year, please leave a message. Thank you!

    • Hi Irthe/Max,

      I arrive into Kathmandu on 18th July and am looking to find some trekking buddies to go on the Annapurna circuit or something similar. I will need a couple of days in Kathmandu then plan to leave on 21st. I have 4weeks in Nepal.

      Let me know if you are interested.

      Dan 🙂

  6. Hi Dan,

    I’m afraid I’m on a very tight schedule, so I have to get started on the 15th or 16th July at the very latest in order to finish and return home on time. I’m planning the ABC trek, not AC.

    All the best!


  7. Hey Irthe and others,

    I am in Kathmandu right now. searching for a travel partner. I am 23 year old male half Dutch half American surfer from San Diego, cognitive science grad from UCLA. I’d be interested in just about any trek.. from my research it seems the Anapurna Circuit with a side trip to Lake Tilicho could be really cool. Also I believe there is a festival called Yartung festival in Manung July 12-16 that could be interesting.

    Please email me as soon as you can if interested! Cheers