Annapurna Circuit Barefoot

Looking to trek the Circuit barefoot — at least as much as possible!

While I’ve been a pretty dedicated barefooter since 2009, the Circuit is very rocky, so I think it could be rather slow-going. Shod trekkers are, of course, welcome to join — but I may not keep the pace you’d prefer.

The other potential hindrance is that I’m a raw foodist — and raw fruits and vegetables are basically impossible to find on the Circuit (at least they were in April; perhaps it’ll be different in October).

In April, when I tried surviving on rice and potatoes, I ended up getting sick at Upper Pisang, and turning around and walking back down to Besi Sahar. I think it was the combination of the cooked food and the altitude that did me in, because as soon as I descended below 3,000 metres, I felt fine again.

I want to try again, and have got some ideas to keep from falling ill this time. But be warned: I’ll not only likely be making deliberate time with the bare feet, but I’m also at higher risk for not making it over the pass.

Am thinking I’ll just end up going out alone, which is fine. But if anybody wants to join in despite these limitations, please feel free to get in touch!



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