Annapurna Circuit anytime after Nov 1?


I recently deprated Canada to embark on a two year solo backpacking trip around the world! I plan on spending a huge chunk of my time in Nepal and India and I really want to trek the Annapurna circuit. I will be arriving in Kathmandu on November 1st but I am willing to start the trek whenever.

I have done a fair amount of backpacking and trekking in the past (throughout South East Asia and South America mostly), so Nepal is the next challenge!

Please shoot me a message on here if you would be interested in connecting in Nepal and doing the trek together!

See you in Nepal!




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  1. I’m planning a trip to nepal between 1st till 23th nov. I didn’t hire out anything yet.
    Looking forward to have a trek mate in Nepal!

  2. Hi Will, I’m planning on starting the Annapurna Circuit on or around the 15th November and looking for trekking partners, and I plan to take up to 3 weeks (maybe a bit less) to do it. Does this fit in with your plans?

    • Hey…yes that sounds good! I plan to depart around Nov 16th on the trek!

    • Did you already found some people to trek with? I just arrived in Pokhara and looking for some partners 🙂

    • Hi Floor! It would be great if you could join 🙂 I think we are leaving on either 15th or 16th if you are happy to wait until then?

    • Who are going? And did you already arrange your permits etc? I heard this morning that a you can hire a guide for 15 usd a day (who can arrange good deals for places to sleep Wang eat)

  3. Hey!
    I’m planning to arrive on Katmandou the 18th november and begin the annapurna circuit the 19th november. I’m planning to go to the Tilicho lake also…
    If you can wait until then…

  4. Hi! I’m also looking for partners! I’ll arrive to Kathmandu the 15th Nov and I have time til the 30th for the trek, because after the 30th I’m planning to start a volunteer program. Does my plan fits with yours? Cheers!