Annapurna Circuit

Update: I am decided to cancel this trek. Instead I will be doing the ABC trek (

I currently live in New York City, but I am originally from Nepal and fluent in Nepali. I have plane tickets booked and will be reaching Kathmandu on Oct-26.

I am traveling alone and planning to start the Circuit on Oct-27/Oct-28 from Besi-Sahar (the starting point). I am planning to stay in the comfy tea-houses and partake the experience without guides/porters.

It would be fun to share this experience with fellow hikers.

– Will be reaching Kathmandu on Oct-26.
– I am looking to start the Annapurna Circuit trip on Oct-27 / Oct-28 (no later)
– Stay on the main circuit path.
– Not hiring guide/porters.
– Go all the way to Muktinath/Jomson after crossing the Thorung La pass.
– After which, I will be taking bus/plane back to Pokhara/Kathmandu.



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  1. Hi Niraj,
    I’m in Pokhara now and am planning on doing the A. Circuit beginning Oct 27 or 28. I have just finished Everest BC and have plenty of previous experience of trekking in the Alps. So if you get this in time and are interested, please leave a message.

    • Hi Eugene,
      I have decided to cancel this trip. I will be doing the ABC trek instead. All the best with your trek!

    • Hi Niraj,
      No problem there. I had also been thinking of ABC but yesterday I met an organic farmer who will take me to Mardi Himal BC instead as he loves being in the mountains and he says M.H. BC is very quiet Now all I have to do is help him collect his drying rice today. Enjoy ABC.