Annapurna Circuit

I’m planning on heading to Nepal in early to mid-October and am looking for someone to trek the Annapurna Circuit with me. My ideal adventure includes a good mix of scenery and culture. I’m a flexible, go-with-the-flow kind of traveler. I keep a moderate pace, but like to stop to check out things of interest. I am open to trekking with anyone with a similar pace and attitude, although my ideal travel partner would probably be another woman around my age (27). My time is flexible and I’m open to side trips. camping and lodging.



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  1. Hi Lindsey! Sounds like we are looking to do a similar trip at around the same time! I am interested in doing the Annapurna Circuit and am planning on leaving the US early October. I am extremely flexible and a pretty advanced hiker. I’m 24 (I’ll be 25 by the time the trip occurs haha). Let me know if you’re interested!

  2. Hey, not sure if both of your plans have been confirmed but think you two could possibly add another to the posse? Was actually looking at almost dead exact same dates to hit up the Annapurna region and also roughly around three weeks. Experienced as well and definitely flexible. Am in my mid-twenties and from the US too. But am working in and would be coming from India.

    • Hi Ashwin, when do you arrive in Kathmandu!?

  3. Hi Lindsay I know this is late, but I’m planning on being in Nepal from ~Oct 11-October 28 and wanted to trek the Annapurna region. Have you made plans with anyone? I’m pretty new at trekking but in good shape and am excited for the adventure. Let me know what your plans are.

  4. Hi Lindsay and all,
    I’m going to be in Nepal from October 9 till end of november and was planning to do the Annapurna trek at the beginning of my trip, at a moderate pace. It’s a bit late considering you posted this in June but I was wondering if your plans were still on and if you would be interested in one more trekking partner. I’m 25, I’m from Switzerland, I’m quite used to trekking and I will be coming from Ladakh so used to altitude already;-)
    Let me know what your plans are!

  5. Hey guys! I’m arriving on the 9th Oct and would be keen to join other like minded people for the Annapurna trail, I have no time limits so can explore as much as possible. Let me know your plans and hopefully we’ll be on the track together! 🙂 Jo

  6. Hi Lindsey, I will arrive at Kathmandu on Oct 15, and planning on doing the Annaourna circuit starting a day or 2 later, so around Oct 17 which will also be my 31st birthday 🙂 I am a solo travller, and would love some company. I am open minded, a yoga teacher, I love getting to know the local people, and I was planning to carry my own load and sleep in tea houses.
    If you would like to get in touch, please do so!

    Also, if anyone else is interested in forming an “informal” group, I’d be happy to meet up in Kathmandu/Pokara to discuss 🙂

    • Hi Anna-Carina, Lindsey and everyone! I´m arriving at Pokhara around Oct 15 and I´m looking for company on the Annapurna circuit, I´ve done the ABC before and really looking forward to a new angle on the park hopefully with like minded people! If anyone would like to talk some more about it let me know!

  7. Hello trekkers, I heard its critical time in Nepal at the moment as the people are suffering with oil crisis and political demonstrations. Is it something to worry about and should I postpone my trip scheduled on oct 23? please advise

    • Hi Sujish.
      Yes, these days oil problems in Nepal due to strike.

      Here you can check advice about Nepal situation:

      Here is some information from my experience:
      10-October-2015 i bought bus ticket from Kathmandu to Pokhara, at that time, bus company told me – we have oil for 11,12 October, but after this, we not sure…
      So that these days nobody sure if petrol will finish or not.
      Today 12-October-2015 local people informed that some of oil trucks coming, also today people started to receive limited quantity of petrol.

      So that in my opinion, chances for transportation Kathmandu to Pokhara 50/50 for ok or not ok.

      I spoke with one of guide about cooking gas, guide says, in trekking area, those hotels who not have cooking gas, use wood for cooking.

      Also i expecting price increment for food during trekking to Annapurna base camp…

      Here is Nepal news by English language:

      I advice you to keep searching in internet more as situation continuously changing.

      Posted 12-Otcober

  8. Hello Sujish – I am in Nepal now and started the Annapurna Base Camp trek two days ago. There is a big petrol shortage here and car/bus transport can be intermittent. I did not have problems getting a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara but I’ve heard there have been some problems. I was supposed to do the Annapurna circuit, but there is a part after Josom where a jeep ride was needed and my guide was worried there would be no petrol available and we would be stuck in Josom, so we changed to the ABC trek. The rumor is that the petrol crisis will hopefully be resolved in the next few days. Even if it is not, you are probably fine to travel here. But you may need to be a little flexible with your plans once you get here.

  9. Hello Carey, thank you very much for the ground report. Hope you are enjoying the ABC trekking. Hows the climate there? Is it a busy trekking time at ABC with big crowd ? Also I heard its the time for Nepal local festivals there and everywhere its busy, true?

    • Sujish – it is true that the largest Hindu festival of the year started today, but I am out on the trek so I don’t know what difference that has made in the cities. As far as tourists, the earthquake combined with the petrol issue has severely decreased the number of tourists. Lodges that are usually full this time of year still have a lot of vacancy. There have been some clouds but overall the weather has been great for trekking.

  10. Hi Carey, thank you for the live updates. Apparently, internet is steady in Nepal at the moment, I appreciate you find time to reply the queries during the trekking time. Do you use a guide and porter for the ABC trekking? In how days are you planning to finish the trekking? Can I carry my Nikon D90 while coming or not a great idea to to the cold season?

    • Hi again – no problem! I am using a guide and a porter as it is my first trek and I’m a little hesitant to go alone. Honestly, my guide doesn’t do a ton other than hook me up with good lodging and make sure I don’t get lost. A guide-porter, which is like a guide in training, might be better and would be cheaper. Sometimes they don’t speak very good English though. I am doing ABC in 13d/12n. I think you can do it faster but we are taking our time because my original trek, the Annapurna circuit, was scheduled for 15d, so I have time to fill. I see many people with cameras on the trek. That said, it does get cold in the rooms at night. Last night I actually slept with my iPhone under my covers with me because I was afraid of it getting cold. When will you be starting?

  11. Heyy Carey!!

    Hope you are enjoying the ABC trekking. Please share your ground experience about it.
    I am planning to fly to Kathmandu by end of October and will be there till Nov. 12. How long are you in Nepal ? Will you be visiting Tibet also after that?

    Do I need to carry any special clothes considering the cold season there or is it still moderate temperature? How many miles/km you walk a day? Hows the food there? I heard beer is the most expensive thingi at the trekking, is it so?
    Looking forward to hear from you.