Annapurna Circuit

A trek around annapurna- with easy pace and good vibes.



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  1. Hi when do you arrive in Nepal? This sounds like my kind of trek.

  2. Late november- sent you a massege.

  3. Hello,
    I’m a 28 years old French girl beginning a kind of round the world trip here in Nepal and would love to do the Annapurnas’ circuit. With or without a guide is fine for me. I read a lot of reviews at the KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) telling that it is quite easy to follow the Lonely Planet descriptions.

    Actually i could be quite flexible, being in Neal until the 15. of December.
    I would love meet some of you if you’re still around to speak and eventually plan a trek together.

    I hope hearing of you! Have a nice evening!

  4. Hi jonathan,
    Are you looking fortravel buddies? I would.ike to start the annapuirna circuit in a couple of days. Currently in kathmandu.
    Maybe we can meet / team up?

    Just letme know!


  5. Hi there!

    I’m a 21 year old Australian girl looking for a trekking buddy!
    I’m heading to Pokhara tomorrow and want to do the Annapurna Circuit starting before the end of December! Let me know if your interested in joining up!


    Bridget Halstead

  6. Hi Bridget,

    I will probably start the Annapurna circuit on Tuesday with an other guy I found to Trekkingpartners. Would you like to join.

    I’m already in Pokhara and he will arrive tomorrow.

    By the way, We will probably meet tomorrow around 5pm at Mike’s, a cafe in Pokhara. You’re more that welcome.

    Oh and I’m a 28 year old French girl.
    Let me know!

  7. Hi henrie,
    Dont know about bridget plans, but i would love to join you guys. However, im afraid i will be just a bit too late. I will be arriving in pokhara tomorrow, so tuesday.


  8. Hello Sandra,

    No reply from Bridget but inbetween I change my mind because of i was afraid of being short of time so i’m starting a trek to the ABC tomorrow morning.

    I guess you’ll be here to late but if not let me know.

    Have a nice stay in Nepal anyway!

  9. Hi all!

    Sorry for the late reply, only just hopped on the computer. Would love to join you guys, but I might be a bit late?

    If so, enjoy the trek 🙂