Annapurna Circuit

Hi all,
My name is Ram Avissar and i’m 28 yo Israeli. I have just finished my internship and decided its time for a quick break. I am planing on arriving to Kathmandu at the 21st of this November and probably start the rout at the 22nd-23rd. I plan to do the entire horse shoe and figured it will probably take me around 17 days from Besishur to Pokhara. I’m in good shape and did some trekking in the past so i guess it won’t be much of a problem.

Due to the recent events I prefer doing this with company and so if you’re planing to do the trek in the above schedule and are looking for some company as well feel free to respond and introduce yourself.



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  1. Hello Ram!
    Do you already have a fixed date and route? I am planning on starting the route with another friend that is arriving on the 24th the next date. i don’t know if you have the flexibility to change your dates.

    • Hi Valentina,
      I’m arriving at Kathmandu on the morning of the 22nd. I’m planing on doing the whole circuit but don’t have a fixed route or schedule….Where do you plan on starting? doing the whole route?

  2. Hey!

    Yes, I’m planning on doing the whole circuit. I wanted to start in pohkara but I’m very open since i don’t have a fixed route yet. Maybe we can plan it together and see what works best.

  3. Hey Ram!
    I’m also planning to do the entire circuit at around that time. Incidentally, last time I was in Pokhra, I was with a group of 18 israelis, did not pick up much other than Yala and Khatima, thanks to the rafting trip. Anyway, do let me know what your exact plans are. I think I’ll be able to reach pokhra only by 24th or 25th.
    Cheers Buddy

    • Hi Manmeet!
      yes Yalla and Kadima are indeed important words in Hebrew language…:)
      actually i’m planing on starting the route early on the 22nd or so and from Kathmandu as i want to spend some time in Pokhara afterwards

    • No worries! Will probably bump into you on the circuit. Have fun and be safe!

    • Great! you too!

  4. Hey Ram,
    I arrived in kathmandu yesterday and i would like to do a combination of annapurna and manaslu within 20 trekking days… My flight out of nepal is on the 14th december so as long as we make it back by then i am ok. So leaving on the weekend sounds great. Would you consider combining the treks? No guide and no porters? Hope to hear from you