Annapurna Circuit

Hi my name is Linda and I am a 31 year old Australian. I have been volunteering in an orphanage in Pokhara since 31st of July.

I am planning on doing the Aannapurna Circuit leaving sometime in the first week of October and I am looking for other people to hike with. I have a quote from a guide recommended to me by some friends for US$20 per day which can be divided up between whoever joins.

If anyone is interested, I would be happy for you to contact me.




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  1. Moderator

    Hi Linda, sounds like you’ll be ready for a break in the mountains 🙂

    Does the $20/day fee just get divided up then? Not $20/day per person?

  2. Hello Linda,
    Did you already made the group or is there any place left for another person?
    I am already in Kathmandu and I am looking to join a group for trekking.
    Thank you