Annapurna circuit

I’m a 20 year old girl looking for trekking and travel partners! It’s my first time in Nepal and I’ll arrive to Kathmandu 1st of October. My trekking dates are flexible but I want two leave in the first half of October, trekking for 2-3 weeks.

I’m in good shape and can keep a steady pace. My only trekking experience so far is the Inca trail from when I traveled South America last year. I speak Swedish, English and Spanish. I’m hoping to meet some awesome open minded travelers!



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  1. Hi! I will be in nepal in october and plan on doing the annapurna circuit as well. Were you planning on hiring a guide or porter? My dates are flexible and I’m definitely looking for some awesome people to trek with!

    • Hi kailey! I’m not planning on hiring a guide or porter, a friend of mine told me that you for sure don’t need it. What date will you arrive to nepal? 🙂

  2. Hi Linnea. I have also posted this in Yvonne’s post. I arrive back in Kathmandu from Everest on the 2nd October and am trying to organise a mountain bike trip to upper mustang. If that falls through I would be keen to do the AC so let me know if you want to team up. Happy with independent trekking

  3. Hey Linnea,

    I am going on a trek to Manaslu with 3 others (1 of whom is only doing a part of the trek). We are planning on leaving the 6th of Oct and doing a 20 day trek (including Tsum Valley). We are looking for one or two more people to join us to keep the costs down. It is me, an English gentleman, a Polish woman, and a German guy (all strangers! what a great site).

    Anyways, I thought you might be interested. It isn’t nearly as touristy as the Annapurna circuit so if you’re looking for something a little more authentic then you might consider Manaslu. Also if you’d like the itinerary and estimated cost I can provide that too, just shoot me a direct message and I’ll give you my email.



  4. Hi Linnea,

    I might be interested as well. I arrive in Kathmandu on October 3rd and would want to leave the second week of October as well. The only thing though is that I prefer to hire a guide and split it among others mainly because I heard that during the busy season the rooms in the tea houses get filled really quickly and if you have a guide, he/she can go ahead to reserve rooms for us. Let me know what you think. Happy to meet and discuss once we are both in Kathmandu as well.

    • Hello! Did you already find a group to join, as I am in Nepal in the same period and I look for partners as to share the experience and some of the costs. I am in Nepal for 8 weeks so I am flexible about the schedule. Thank you

  5. Hi

    I arrive the 5th of October, and stay for the month of oct. I was planning to leave on the 8th as well. Would be great to join.

  6. Hi Linnea

    I’m doing the ABC trek from Pokhara starting on the 7th or 8th. I’m looking to join a small group – I was planning to hire a porter/guide (one person) but would be open to sharing the guide or joining your group (if you have one!) or might not need to if i joined a group.


  7. Maybe i left it too late- my trip was very last minute !
    But let me know if you’re still looking!

  8. Hi!

    I’m going to do the Annapurnas Circuit Trek too by my own and during the trek I want to climb a 6000m high peak hiring the services of an agency, is a trekking peak.

    I’m planning to do or Pisang or Chulu Far East. So I’m looking for someone who wanted to climb also one of those mountains and share the costs of the climbing.
    The climbing is around 5 or 6 days, go from meeting point point in the circuit and come back. Both peaks are more or less in the middle of the Circuit.

    I’m flexible with the dates!
    Someone interested? It can be a good complement to the Circuit : )

  9. I am a denizen of kathmandu. I am also planning to trekking annapurna circuit including Lake tilicho but in around November 27-28 if your date is flexible enough we can make it happen.

  10. Hello, are you still planing to leave on the 8th? I was going to try and leave on the 10th for the circuit and Tilicho Lake. I’m on my own as of now and don’t plan on hiring a guide or porter, but would like some friends to hike with. I’m in fairly good shape and keep a moderate walking speed. Let me know your plans!

    • Hi

      Yeah, still leaving on the 8th.
      Have a guide but you can tag along no worries. It’s me and another girl from on here so far and I’m sure we’ll meet more along the way

      We’ll be leaving from pokhara tomorrow at 8.30 am, driving to the trailhead (nut sure of the name tbh) let me know if you’re keen to join us and we can sort out a place to meet


  11. hey everyone! sorry for my late response. . I’m in pokhara now with kailey and we start trekking in a few days if any of you wanna meet up tomorrow!