Annapurna Circuit

I am planning on trekking the Annapurna Circuit, and starting around October 6th. I am flexible a day or two on each side of the 6th though.

I have hiked coast-to-coast across England, the Camino de Santiago, and some multi-day trips in Iceland. While I am relatively experienced I certainly do not rush. I like to be able to stop to take in the scenery, have tea, etc. I also haven’t done much high altitude trekking before.

While I think the route is easy to find, I wouldn’t mind hiring a guide just to have things run smoothly, learn more than I would have without them, and support the economy. I am open though on that. If so, I was looking at 3 Sisters, or just finding one when I get there. I did get in contact with 3 sisters, with them it is $25 for a guide and then we would pay for our accommodations, food and entry permit (around $25-$30/day).

If you happen to be going around this time and want to hike together, let me know and we can figure out logistics. 🙂



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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I am also planning to do the same trek for this time, I don’t have so much experience in trekking, but I have done some trips in the Pyrenees mountains here in Spain, I love mountains :), these are the photos of one of the last trips this year:

    I didn’t have in mind to hire a guide, I think I can survive with the gps, map and a lot of people doing the same way in the high season, but we can talk about it.


  2. Hi ElizBeth,

    I’m also planning to do the same trekking, i will arrive in Katmandu the 4th of october.
    I did some trekkings before in Spain and other countries, but I prefer also to go slow, I dont experience with altitude.
    I was planning to do it without guide, to make it cheaper
    Let me know if i can join you.