Annapurna Circuit


I am going to trek the Annapurna Circuit taking around 18 days. I will be in Besi Sahar from the 21st October and would hope to start around then. I am easy going and reasonably fit. I have limited experience in the mountains and would be looking to share a guide or join a group.



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  1. hi! i’ve got the same plan in mind. was planning on hiring a porter, but not a guide. i land in KTM on oct 17.

    • Ok. I was going to get a guide but have not decided about a porter yet. I guess it will come down to cost and if anyone is available. It turns out that there is a 10 day festival around this time and many of the porters and guides return to their villages. I will be in KTM until the at least the 20th.


  2. Hi,
    I have a similar plan, but not as much time. I could join for most of it and return early.l arrive ktm oct 20 depart nov 13. I would hire a porter and share a guide.

    • Hi Simon,

      At the moment I need to start the trek on the 21st to fit it in. If anything changes I will let you know.


  3. Hi John,

    I’m planning to start the trek the same day, or at least I should get in Besi Sahar that day. I was not planning in getting a guide just to cut down the costs, and it should be well marked anyway, but if we can share the cost I may be up for it too. If you are in Kathmandu on the 20 maybe we could meet up there?

    (btw, nice picture, I was in Jon O Groat last year but the sky was not so blue!)

  4. Hi John,
    I will be in KTM on the 20th maybe we could catch as i will be starting my trek a little earlier than first planned, hopefully 22nd. I was also going to MTB the last part of trek if you keen .