Annapurna Circuit


I am Jordi from Barcelona, Spain. I am arriving at Kathmandu the 3th of October, and I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit. My plan is leave Kathmandu the 5th or 6th to go to Bhulbhule by bus, and start the trek there or a little more in the north, taking another bus or jeep. I am flexible about the start or the end point of the trek, but I would like to visit the Tilicho Lake.

My original idea is to go alone and find people during my way in the trek, but if I find somebody before can be fine also :). I am not a pro trekker at all, I have done some trips in the Pyrenees (3000 meters maximum), but only of one day.



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  1. que tal Jordi,
    I am on the same sort of plan as you, except I don’t arrive until october 17. not sure how long you in nepal, but if you end up starting the circuit a little later, we should chat! – dara

    • Hola Dara,

      thank you for your post, but the 17th is too late for my planning nowadays. But if I can help you in anything, let me know


  2. Hi jordi,

    Hope you are still looking for partner in your trekking. Im also from Spain, Asturias. I did some trekking before and I want to spend some time in Nepal, Anapurnas trekking is the first trekking I want to do.
    Let me know if i can join you,im arriving the 4th at kathmandu.

    • Hi Vanesa,

      yes, I am still looking for a partner/s, I am arriving in Kathmandu nearly at the same time as you, so we can start the trek together.