Annapurna Circuit


I’m planning to do the Naar-Phu valley trek + Annapurna Circuit in October. I’ll be landing in Kathmandu on Oct, 7th.

The trek is a variation on the classic Annapurna Circuit. It starts with a detour that goes through the Naar-Phu valley, a restricted area which is a little less mainstream than the Annapurna Circuit, and offers a glimpse of Tibetan culture, isolated villages, remote areas. The trek ends at Jomsom and skips the heavily-trafficked final sections of the Annapurna Circuit.

I’m expecting to spend about 24 days trekking, but I’m flexible. I’m more of a runner/swimmer rather than a trekker, but I’m pretty fit right now. I’ll be doing this trip shortly after I graduate from my PhD program!

I need to set up a small group in order to perform the trek above (the restricted valley requires at least two people in the group). If any of the above sound good, feel free to get in touch!

Looking forward to trekking!




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  1. Your trip sounds right up my street Jonathan! I land in Katamandu on the 3rd October

    • Sure. Can you tell me a little bit more about your plans?

  2. Hi

    I’m doing the ABC trek – starting on the 7th or 8th. Would that fit in with your group?
    Currently on my own but would like to join a small group.

    Have you had any luck with finding people?


    • Hi Rob,

      I’ll be doing the Annapurna Circuit and I already have a guide and porter. If you want to join for this trek, you’re more than welcome. I’ll be starting on Oct 9, and we can meet in Kathmandu before.