Annapurna Circuit

Hello everyone!

I’m planning to spend october in Nepal, my main goal is to do Annapurna Circuit (but I’m open for any suggestions). It’s my first time in Nepal so I was thinking about hiring a guide. As I lived in France for a year I did some trekking in a french apls and right now I want to explore the scenery of the himalayas:)

My starting day is quite flexible, but I have to back before 30.09.

I’m travelling solo so I’m looking for a travel partner, anyone interested?



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  1. This sounds great. I will be in Nepal from Sept. till end of Nov. I am planing to do some hikes. I am flexible with dates. So reach out if you like do hike. I also msg. some other people here. If it works out. May we we call can hike together. Regards!

  2. Hi!

    I have the same plans! I’m leaving for Nepal around 5 oktober, til 5 november! And also looking for a trekking partner, my first plan was to walk the Annapurna Circuit, but I’m flexibel as well.

    Hope to hear from you!



  3. Hi, I’m arriving at Nepal the 3th of October and planning to do the Annapurna Circuit, let me know if you still looking for a partner 🙂

  4. Hello! I am traveling to Nepal on October 4th, and would love to trek around Annapurna. Its awesome that you have had experience trekking before. Let me know!


    • Hi Robbie,
      thanks for commenting on my trip;)
      Actually me and Yvonne (whose trip you commented as well) are planning to do Annanpunra circuit together, strating (probably) on October 6. Let me know if you are interested in planing the trek together:)

      Have a nice day,

  5. Hi Joanna, Still looking for partners? I’ll be in Kathmandu October 2nd and am hoping to find some people to trek the Annapurna circuit with! I have plenty of Backpacking experience in the mountains of Montana (US), but this will be my first time in the Himalayas. Let me know!

  6. Hey I land in Kathamandu on the 2nd October and I’m open to suggestions, I was thinking the Annapurna circuit but to be honest I want to do everything so if your looking for any more partners give me a shout 🙂

  7. Hi! I have the same plans basically. I wanna leave Kathmandu around the sixth of october and walk Annapurna Circuit. Are you and Yvonne looking for more trekking buddies? I would love to join you! I’m an adventurous girl used to excercising and can keep a steady pace. Please answer here or on facebook, my name is Linnea Wenall (there’s only me).

  8. Hi,

    I am thinking in depart the 6th from Kathmandu to Besihar too. I saw that the days 3, 4, 5 are a holidays in Nepal and the Tourism Board Office it will be closed, if I am not wrong, so it will be difficult to get the ACAP and TIMS permits these days. I am thinking now to contact and agent travel to get the permits for me, has anybody checked this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Permit off. is open 365 days!

    • Thanks for the info Tashi! I think it would be interesting to meet up in Kathmandu all the people interested in join in a trek 🙂

    • I land on 15th of Sept. I will do a tiny trek to Langtang and will be back to KTM 30 Sept.. I will try to org. a meetup around 2/3 of Oct. May be we can meet up for some good Nepali food and some drinks.. I spent my teen years in Kathmandu. I know the city well.. I also happens to love Jazz.. and there one good place that plays good. Do that is def. an option.

  9. Msg me with your email.. If anyone need a trekking checklist.

  10. Hey.. I advice to you get the permit etc asap. I am getting wrong infos. all the time. Apparently, someone is saying that off. is open Sunday-Friday 9AM-5PM and holidays closes.

    • Hi Tashi, do you know any travel agent in Kathmandu to ask him to get my permits in advance?

      Thank you!

  11. Hi! I’m Carina, doing an internship in Nepal right now. As I wanted to go trekking around 4th of October this would be great. Unfortunatley I am not in Kathmandu so would come straight to Pokhara?!…
    Best, Carina