Annapurna circuit

Hi, I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit in early Oct 2104. And would be interested in getting several people together to come up with an agreeable plan I am flexible with plan as I have plenty of time. I would prefer to fly out at Jomson due to the new road. I am an experience hiker and completed part of Annapurna before – its amazing and can’t wait to get back. If you think this fits in with your plans please contact me.



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  1. Hi Martin
    Please could you keep me in the loop with your proposed trip. I live in Kathmandu so can be fairly flexible with my dates. Was it the ABC trek that you did before? I am considering this but also other treks in the Annapurna region and would like to travel with a small group or at least one other person. In October there would be a lot of people trekking and everywhere is marked, so I don’t think a guide is needed. However, I would hire a porter because I don’t like carrying all my gear. My profile shows what other treks I have done….I think I could be called more experienced than novice…..but it’s all relative!

    • Gidday Sue, hope you are well and enjoying life in Kathmandu. I am currently looking at joining a tour group “Green Valley Nepal” for a 15 day tour on Oct 4 with extra days in Kathmandu and Pokohara but would also value your opinion on a tour as you would have more local knowledge.

  2. Hi Martin
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Life here is pretty hectic!
    My personal opinion on a paid tour is that much of it can be down independently but it really depends what you want…and how much it is. It sounds like a tour around Kathmandu and Pokhara without any mountains…apart from the fab views of course. I obviously have an advantage actually living here and have worked out how to get from A to B on public transport. Systems are basic and not everything goes according to plan but if you can maintain a laid back attitude, travelling and accommodation is very cheap here.
    Do feel free to ask me any more questions, although I am off to China tonight for 3 weeks, back for a week and then going to the UK for another 5 weeks. Time to take a well earned break!

    • Hi Sue,

      I am coming to Nepal in late September and staying until early December. I am very interested in trekking and also think it can be done without a guide. I would greatly appreciate any tips for Kathmandu and/or Pokhara as I will have plenty of time for day trips and such. Please keep me in the loop as well if anything arises regarding a trek in the Annapurna regions.