Annapurna Circuit

Hi my name is Tommy from Indonesia. I plan to visit Nepal in the end of September. It will be the first time for me and I plan to visit AC trek.
Since my budget is tight, I prefer to do not hire a porter or guide, but if it is needed, it can be negotiable.
I am gonna stay in Nepal for 30 days, so the time is not really matter. I am easy going and friendly person.

So, if you want to join, don hesitate to contact me.



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  1. Hey Tommy,

    I will be traveling to Nepal via a short trip through Delhi in late September. I arrive in Delhi on the 19th and will be traveling via Varanasi and hitting Kathmandu by around the 22 – 25th. I will be in and around Nepal for 2 and a half months and will be traveling with a friend I met on my last trip to India for the first month. I am also looking to travel without a guide or porter as much as possible. Obviously, if we decide to do anything off the beaten track – a small summit perhaps – we will be happy to pay for a guide. At the moment we haven’t nailed down exactly what our plans are, we were going to meet in Delhi and discuss it over breakfast on day 1 – I imagine that, whatever we end up doing, it’ll be fairly causal and open to change.

    If you are keen to tag along, get in touch – the more the merrier… to a point!

    Regards from Cape Town,

  2. Hey there Tommy and Matt,

    I hope you don’t mind me butting in on this conversation. Greetings from Tokyo! My name is Hannah, and I’ll be traveling around Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and UAE between August 15th and October 16th, flying in and out of Kathmandu. My plan right now is to trek the AC for 2-3 weeks before I head back to Japan on 10/16, leaving from Kathmandu, flight booked. But 21 days would end this trek on the 18th of October, correct? If so, this trip may not be for me since it would go past my departure date. But I thought I’d see my options!

    I also am looking to do this low budget. I hear you can do without a guide if research is done well. I’d also prefer not to take any planes to higher altitude (ie. Kathmandu to Lukla) because 1.) to save money, and 2.) to slowly acclimate to altitude change in order to prevent AMS.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep track of this conversation as an option. Have a great day!


    • Howdie Hannah!

      I hope Tokyo is as amazing as I have always imagined it to be – it’s very near the top of my list of places to visit before I’m 30!

      As I mentioned, out plans are pretty loose at the moment, I am cautious about traveling with too large a group, but I think that meeting in Kathmandu or somewhere on route and take it from there. If everyone gets along and travels well together, then I’m sure some itinerary changes can be made to account for individual schedules – from my side at least. Everyone has their own ideas of what makes a great trip and it’s hard to get everyones expectations to aline.

      I’m with you on the “no planes higher than Kathmandu” bit, even though – at 6’5″ – that surely means some very uncomfortable bus rides!

      I look forward to meeting you!

      All the best,

    • Tommy’s itinerary will mean getting back on the 18th of October. It’s such a pity, because Max and I would be able to leave earlier – 23-25th of September – but that would mean missing Tommy. There must be a solution for our timing problems! It would be great to travel with both of you, I hope we can make it work!

  3. Hey Matt and Hannah.

    I will arrive in KTM at September 30. I am still not sure whether I’ll do AC + ABC or only AC. Since if we want to take AC + ABC, it will take 25 days. But for AC, if we want to spend 21 days, it will be worth , because we can take side trek.

    Its true Matt, the more the merrier. hahahaha.
    and for sure I am not gonna hire any Porter or Guide because of the budget reason.

    This is my itinerary (AC itinerary):
    Day 1: begin at Besi Sahar, end at Nadi (Ngadi) Bazar
    Day 2: begin at Nadi (Ngadi) Bazar, end at Jagat
    Day 3: begin at Jagat, end at Dharapani
    Day 4: begin in Dharapani, end in Chame
    Day 5: begin in Chame, end in Upper Pisang
    Day 6: begin in Upper Pisang, end in Manang
    Day 7: rest day in Manang
    Day 8: being in Manang, end at Tilicho Base Camp
    Day 9: hike to Tilicho Lake, then back to Tilicho Base Camp, the continue to Shree Karka
    Day 10: begin in Shree Karka, end in Ledar
    Day 11: begin in Ledar, end in Thorung High Camp
    Day 12: begin in Thorung High Camp, go over Thorung La Pass, end in Muktinath
    Day 13: begin in Muktinath, end in Kagbeni
    Day 14: rest day in Kagbeni Day 15: begin in Kagbeni, end in Marpha
    Day 16: begin in Marpha, end in Ghasa
    Day 17: begin in Ghasa, end in Tatopani
    Day 18: begin in Tatopani, end in Ghorepani
    Day 19: begin in Ghorepani, end in Birethanti and take bus/taxi back to Kathmandu or Pokhara
    But we can adjust the itinerary later.

    In mid October, there will be a Jazzmandu Festival, I am looking to attend this Jazz festival also.

    Btw this is my FB account : , we also can keep in touch through FB message.

    Hopefully we can meet in Nepal.

    Have a nice day!

    • Thanks for posting your itinerary Tommy! September 30th is quite late for us, we were hoping to arrive around the 22-25th. My traveling partner, Max, only has a month in Nepal, so time is quite tight! Having said that, a 19 day trek would mean that we are back in Kathmandu in time, so that actually works out quite well. Perhaps we can spend a few days around Kathmandu – Nagarkot looks amazing! We could also plan a longer route that meets up with one of your early stops. I will have to discuss and get back to you.

      Hannah, does that itinerary work with your dates?

      All the best!

  4. Hey guys,

    Tommy, thank you for your detailed itinerary! Unfortunately, as Matt said, I’m afraid the start and finish date is just a tad bit too late for me too. I hope you find a good group to join you! And yes, perhaps we can somehow meet up on at some point.

    Matt, those dates are perfect. I’m still not 100% sure that I will trek Annapurna (I’m having the hardest time deciding between this and EBC. If I’m going all the way to Nepal, I want to see Mt. Everest! – any advice on how to decide?) But if I am to trek Annapurna, I would definitely join you guys. Are you going to post this as a separate trip on this site? How many more are you looking to recruit?

    Have a good one guys,


  5. Hi Matt and Hannah. For sure, if you have time, we should meet in Nepal. Please do inform me.

    It depend on your purpose Hannah. At the first time I preferred to take ABC. But the route is quite tough, and it will be better for you to hire a guide or porter. But i dont know in October, since it is a peak season for trekking Himalaya, perhaps you could meet someone on the way. If you want to have an epic journey to see Mt. Everest, choose EBC, but if you want to experienced about culture and good scenery, then choose Annapurna. But I heard, some of the ways in Annapurna are having construction. Its my personal opinion. I hope it can help you to decide.

  6. hi Tommy,

    I am planning a ABC trek during the end of September too. but since i only have 12 day, can’t do the full circuit. I would only be doing the Base Camp this time. I already have done Langtang trek. I know pretty well how to do trek in the Himalayan.

    If you’re till up, do let me know.

    Rathin (30, Dhaka, BD)

  7. Hi Tommy,
    I’m also planing to trek in Annapurna region. I’m looking for trekking partner and don’t want to spend too much money. Your plan seems good to me, i’m quite flexible on dates as i have 3 month vacation. will be traveling around asia. So let me know ? I’m quite active on ( or facebook profile (

  8. So just to add one more thread, sorry.
    I’m heading to the circuit in a few days, sept 22or23 earliest. I just got back into Thamel from 14 days up to Everest base camp. I’m flexible on dates as I don’t fly back to the US till Oct 31. I’ll be spending the remainder or my time after the hike in Pohkara. Let me know if that is interesting for anyone.


    • Hi jason,
      I am also in themal going on ac trek on 23. Lets meet. My nepali contact nunber is +977 9818916468