Annapurna Circuit 17th December-5th January

Hey I have 19 days to do the Annapurna Circuit this December and would love some company. Unfortunately I can’t be flexible with dates as I have to be back in Kathmandu on the 5th of January for another trip (will be using an 18 day itinerary, that leaves a day spare for bad weather, fingers crossed for good weather!). Would love to cross Thorung La pass but only if weather permits, safety first! I arrive in Kathmandu on the 17th of December and will set off on the trek on the 18th. Because of the winter and being my first time to Nepal I will definitely be taking a guide and am currently on the look out for one that seems nice with decent prices. I’m a 20 year old student from Australia, but I get on with everyone from anywhere!



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  1. Hey Tigermay. I just had a change in plans and will be heading to Nepal for some trekking. Your dates on the Annapurna Circuit would work for me and I would love to join you and share costs on a guide etc.
    I am a Finnish male, 31, student, experienced in trekking, and have spent quite a bit of time in mountains. Never been to Nepal, but have done a few treks in the Himalayas. Let me know if you are still looking for company and you think I could join you.

  2. Hey LauriK, awesome! I have to admit I’m not an experienced trekker, but have a good fitness level and am sure I can keep up a good pace. I’ve been looking for a while for a guide but have been pretty overwhelmed with all the different agencies and such. I’ve had a friend recommend Eco adventure treks, they paid just for the guide/porter but paid for their own accommodation and food. What are your thoughts with guides and such? Any preferences on agencies or anything ? Sorry if this message is a bit all over the place I’m hurriedly writing while I have reception( out in the country). Thanks for the reply,

  3. Hey. I’ve now made plans to go earlier and will be doing the MC and the AC. So sorry, won’t be able to join you. I will be starting the AC at Chame around Christmas so we might still bump into each other along the trail.

  4. Hi Tiger,
    I send you a private message earlier today. This seems like an ok company for a guide (guides are 25AUD per day). Hope to hear from you :o)

  5. Tigermay,
    I’ve no concrete plans as yet, was planning a 5 day trek to Poon Hill around then, but someone has advised me to do a longer trek like AC because I’ll be in Nepal for a month. My itinerary is very vague still. Kind wanted to do a few shorter treks rather than one long one, but I’m considering it. I’ll keep you posted. When would you need to know for sure?

  6. Hi altim28, well I’m going ahead with booking a guide from the 17th/18th for Annapurna Circuit for myself, but if you decide the dates suit and you would like to come it would be absolutely no problem to join-we’ll just split the cost of the guide and such:) so yeh, no set date for needing to know

  7. Hi tigermay, did you received my message? I would like to join you. Looking forward to your reply! Cheers, sandra