Annapurna Circuit

Hey all,

I’m a 22 yr old Australian who is looking for some trekking partners for the Annapurna Circuit. I’m currently in Pokhara, volunteering until the 17th of May and would want to leave soon after to avoid the approaching monsoon season.

I just completed the Everest Base Camp trek in 11 days with a group of 4 trekkers, 2 guides and 2 porters. I would like to do this trek without guides and porters so it’s cheaper and then I will have experienced trekking both ways.

I don’t really want to do Annapurna Base Camp, as I’ve heard it’s a bad season for avalanches and I’ve already done a Base Camp trek in Nepal.

Depending on weather and altitude sickness etc, I may be interested in doing the 14 day trek to the pass and then getting the bus after that.

If you’re interested feel free to contact me by replying below or emailing me on



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  1. Hi Celesteal,

    I am planning a 9 day trek to ABC, and building up the team.

    We plan to start on 20 May from Nayapul and ending the trek by May 28-29.

    Let me know if you are keen. I am in Ktm and talk if needed.


  2. Celeste,

    I was looking forward to 19-26.. Since its a short trek.. Let me know if your plan still fits in..

  3. I just arrived in Kathmandu and I would like to do this circuit as well. my schedule is very open. I would only need a day or two to make a few random gear purchases.

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    Hi Celeste,

    Looks like you’re leaving tomorrow. How are things shaping up? Did you find a guide for your trip?