Annapurna Circuit

Hi everybody!

I’m planning a trek starting sometime in mid-April and ending early May. I’m arriving in Kathmandu on 3/15, but I’m volunteering on farm in the eastern region for a month and won’t be ready to start until mid-April. I plan on being back in Kathmandu by 4/12, and spending a few days to work out logisitics, buy a trekking pass, etc. That means tentatively leaving on 4/15.

I’m leaning towards the AC but I’m flexible if people feel strongly about other treks (only exception: Mustang. I don’t have the money for the special pass.) I would like to spend at least a couple weeks on the trail; no rush. I want to take my time, soak it in, enjoy it. I’m an experienced backpacker and relatively fit; I will not be hiring a porter, but if there are other people in the group who chose to do so, great! I would like to go with people who are safety-conscious; because we are not going with a tour company I think it’s all the more important to watch out for each other. I would like to do this trip on the cheap. The budget reflects ~$20/day for 17 days. I will need to be back in Kathmandu by May 4.

If you think you may be interested hit me up!



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  1. Hello Ian
    my name is jakob and I’m from austria i also plan to do a trek, my arriving would be on the 14.4. and i would be in nepal until the 16.5. I tought about making the manaslu circuit with the tsum valley this trek would take around 21-22 days. The only problem is that you need an guide for this trek because otherwise you don’t get the permit to the manaslu restricted area. Just write me if you are interested in doing something

    nice greets jakob

  2. Hi Jakob,
    Sure, I would be interested. I have been talking with someone else on this site, Luisa, and she has been communicating with a couple other people. It sounds like we are all leaving around the same time. I’m not 100% committed to a particular trek and people have had some different ideas, so it would probably be something we work out as a group. How solid are you on the Manaslu trek? I need to be back by May 5 so anything longer than 20 days is too long for me.

  3. Hi Ian – I am interested in doing the AC starting around the same time.

    I’d like a group of 3-5 people. I’m fairly fit, but would like a bit of flexibility a smaller group affords- in case one of feels the need to spend an unplanned acclimatization night somewhere along the way.

    I would like to begin in Besi Sahar and ending in Naya Pul. Approximately 19-21 days. I would also like to take the extra half day in Kagbeni to see the Mustang villages.

    I think I’d prefer a guide + a porter to split a pack with someone, but I’m open to hear what you’re planning.

    Best, Jenny

  4. Hi,

    I am also looking to do AC trek or similar around the same time and on a budget too.
    I arrive in KTM on Mon 7th (last minute to this site!) and travelling/trekking solo for first time in a long while so would love to hook up with others.
    I am flexible with my dates as have no concrete plans once in Nepal, though would like to take my time on any longer treks.
    I don’t fly home until June 8th so plenty of time to fill!

    I will check out your thread also Karan.