Annapurna BC without a guide

Hi, I am in KTM now doing some work and I dont know exactly when I will finish but hopefully +- as mentioned.

So I wanna go to the ABC, We can join for the journey there, few days hike or the whole trek if we have the same speed and style. Let me know on the email or call me at +9779808460706. I am in Tasi Dargey Inn in Thamel, opposite Vaishali hotel.

We can have a beer or coffee in the meantime `]

I want to go indipendently without any agency or guide or porter. I have a stove so we can cook on the way and eat and sleep in the lodges. If we have good time would be nice some side trip to another valley or to climb some hill.

Czech Republic


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  1. ehm i see now that the pic cannot be zoomed, well, i can send another one to those who care 🙂 cause Im a monsterrr huahua