Annapurna Base Camp/Sanctuary trek, Sep 25(ish)


I’ll be in Nepal for a month starting September 20 and am hoping to grab a trekking buddy or two for ABC stating on or around September 25.

I’m new to long treks, but hike and trail run frequently back home. My preference is for a casual pace and a fun, chill attitude. I’m hoping to hike sans guide, but not strongly.

Let me know if you’re interested! PM is probably best.

Happy hiking,

United States


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  1. Hi I am arriving to Kathmandu September 21th I think I need a couple o days to sort everthing out and then kick off
    I am from Mexico City but living in Berlin. I have no experience in longer treks but I think I am fit enough to stand by. I only have 20 days in Nepal, so the earlier we go the best.

    Thank you, let me know

  2. Hi guys here in pokhara already. Let me know if you still looking for buddies for ABC next week.

  3. Hi guys, don’t forget the hotspring at Jinu Danda and the Punhill sunrise. Enjoy trekking and slow and steady on the trail:)

  4. Hi, I want to go trekking this Sunday or Monday (22/23-9) until the 28th of September. I want to do the poon hill trek or a shorter ABC by skipping the l first part. If anyone would like to join let me know, I’m already in Pokhara