Annapurna base camp

Hello, 19 year old student from England here, looking for a trekking group.

Thinking of the Annapurna base camp trek, but open for other treks,
Ideally about two weeks, starting around the 16/17 of March.
Will be getting a guide and probably a porter so up for splitting costs.
Will be in pokhara beforehand hiring equipment etc,



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  1. I’m starting an Annapurna Circuit trek March 19th, you’re welcome to join! I’ve posted the trip on this website…

  2. We are two male(30 &33) from Nepal, planning the same. Let me know if your group suit us.

  3. I am a 21 yo student from India. I will be in Pokhara on 14th March, and plan to trek the ABC from 15th to 22nd March. Let me know if we can go together.