Annapurna Base Camp Trekking & Other..

Im 29/m first time to Nepal :)) planning to do Annapurna Base camp on December 1st. my dates are a bit flexible. I will be in KAT on Nov. 29th.
I will be in Nepal from Nov 29th – Dec 14.. most probably in Pokhara region..



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  1. hi,
    I am a neali speakinh guy, looking for a short trek at Annapurna, most likely from 29 0r 30.let me know if it suits you

  2. HIYA,

    i will start trek in this region on 1st of DEC

  3. Hello,
    I’m in Pokhara now, ready to get started at any time in the next couple days. Let me know if I can join you all for trekking

  4. hi Robin , what your plan is? i going to Khopra Ridge on Sunday. I will in Pokhara Sat afternoon .


  5. Alright, I will be in Pokhara on Dec 1st..
    I’ll keep ya updated 😀

  6. hung on , i will send you message with some details , gimme few minutes 😉

  7. Hi, I want to start poonhill trek from 30th December, will any one be interested??

  8. hi Bikram , 30th December or November for sure ?

  9. im sorry, 30th nov for sure

  10. for how long did you plan your trip ? I have +/- 2-3 guys already for meeting in Pokhara on this Sat/Sun.

  11. well I will be thr for 4-5 days, iwant to go for poonhill, want to finish it in 4 days

  12. its very short , but you can begin with us from Kande and follow to west from Ghandruk to Gorepani and get Punil then bck to nayapul. it should take 5 days.

  13. when do you ppl plan to start??
    what is your plan and for how many days do you plan to trek??

  14. hi, I will be in pokhara, tomorrow, can reach me on 9809109150

  15. I”m still on the way ,flight delay and i writing from Istanbul now. Trek will take approx. 14 days. to make shorter is not make sense b coz tickets to your country are not cheap 😉 I will so on Sunday after 3pm in Pokhara.