Annapurna Base Camp Trek/Annapurna Circuit trek

Hi there 🙂

Im heading to Kathmandu 21h April, and planning to walk the Annapurna basecamp or Annapurna circuit (haven’t decided yet). Im leaving from Phokara around 24th april. Hid me up if you have the same plans and need a partner. Im planning to walk without guide/porter.

– Iben, Denmark.



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  1. Hi Iben!

    I am going to so the annapurna circuit, I will be in Pokhara from the 18th on and would like to start trekking around 21/22 april (as my flight to indua leaves on the 7th of may from kathmandu). If those dates suit you, let me know.


    • Hi Katinka.

      Sounds so nice! I dont have time for the circuit I think, so I do the basecamp. I land in Kathmandu 22h april at start trekking around 26th, so unfortunately it will not suit your dates. Hope you will have a great travel! 🙂

    • Hi Katinka,

      I plan to get to Pokhara in a few days and would like to hike Annapurna Base Camp but have been suggested a route that takes 7 days as id prefer a slightly shorter trek. Considering maybe getting a guide, unsure currently. Let me know your thoughts

  2. No worries, have fun!

  3. Hi Iben

    I am arriving in Pokhra on 24 April and plan to leave for Annapurna base camp after getting permits

    I plan to trek independently ,without porter or guide and i have quite experience traveling in Nepal

    I trekked Dolpo circuit last year in August and i am quite fit and ready for great trek togther


  4. Hi Iben,

    I could be keen to join for the base camp trek. I plan to arrive in Pokhara in a few days and start hiking maybe around the 24 but am flexible. I was thinking perhaps a guide would be a good idea, you are happy without? Perhaps we can meet in Pokhara to discuss!

  5. Hi Iben,
    I am in Kathmandu and flexible after 21st. I would Prefer the circuit but can do base camp as well. Can share a porter if required. I am Nepalese so won’t require any guide.