Annapurna Base Camp Trek + Circuit


Tomorrow I will be heading to Pokhara and planning to do the Annapurna Circuit trekking + ABC, more or less in 22-26 days, I guess, and enjoy the breathtaking panorama and experience.

I want to hire a guide in the company Three Sisters Adventure and I will be glad to find partners to share this adventure and also share expenses.

I you have the same plans don’t hesitate to give me a touch.



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  1. Hi Sandra,
    I’m searching for a partner to do the Annapurna circuit. I’m in Kathmandu already. Are you here too? Maybe we could meet?
    On shanti,

  2. Hola Sandra, soy Dani, de Perú.
    De q parte de España eres?
    Veo q planeas hacer el circuito annapurna y campo base..!
    Podrías darme fecha exacta de inicio? Yo podria ir a pokara pasado mañana..marzo 18. Me gustaría hacer el circuito!! El campo base ya lo he hecho 🙂
    También..piensas contratar guía? Yo el campo base lo hice sola.
    Bueno, ya me dirás…

    • Hi girls! Thank you for your interest. 🙂 Today I have arrived to Pokhara so maybe we can meet here and talk about the trek and about hiring a guide or not. I want to start in the next few days, preferably on wednesday, even if I still don’t have all the equipment, but can do it tomorrow.

    • Hi girls!
      Unfortunately March 18th is too soon for me. I can go to Pokhara earliest on March 19th and I still have to buy/rent all the trekking gear. Starting on March 21st sounds more reasonable for me. Is that too late for you?

  3. Hi girls!
    I still don’t have all my equipment and I can wait one or two days to start the trekking but no more due to not having enough time and also due to the weather forecast.
    It will be great to meet you and talk and planning… but I am in Pokhara at the moment.