Annapurna Base Camp Trek – Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi, i’d like to trek the Annapurna Circuit at the beginning of April 2017. Im easy on the start date. I’d like to trec independently without a guide but for savety reasons i thougt it would be wise to travel with a group or other person. If you want to join me at one of theese trecs (Annapurna Base Camp Trek – Annapurna Circuit Trek) please let me know. I’m still researching and maybe the Mustag area could also be a possibility.



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  1. Hi John,

    I was wondering if you were still planning to do the Annapurna circuit. I would like to team up for at least the Thorong La Pass which can be snowy and tricky due to the altitude. I arrive at Nepal the 4th and will start the hike at the 5th / 6th probably.

    Kind regards,


    • Hey John, Im too planning to do Tilicho lake & Thorang la pass . Though being Nepalese myself im little unsecured with snow, high altitude & possibility of getting lost when travelling alone. So if you are still on your plan , I would like to join . Im planning to leave for Besisahar on 5th of April from Kathmandu ,which is the first point of Trek.


  2. Hello.

    Are you still going for this trek? I’ll arrive to Nepal at 4th and will start trekking around 5 or 6th. I’m still doing rough planning and gathering idea on thing. I’ll have to go back to Kathmandu on 27th so I might not be able to join you to the base camp.

    if you still open for more partner please let me know

    Thank you,

    • Hey Boat, I’m going for this trek. I arrive the 4th as well and start at the 5th / 6th. I fly back the 26th so going for the circuit trek.

      Let me know if you want to team up!

      Kind regards,


  3. Myself and my buddy are planning on doing the trek at the same time as yourself. We are in a similar position to yourself. We would like to team up with people for more dangerous sections of the trip, at altitude etc.

    We’re already in Kathmandu on a medical internship, so if you’d like to meet up beforehand​ please message us!

    Best Wishes

    Steve and Russ

    • Hey Steve, Russ,

      If you guys want to do the Annapurna circuit trek, I’m up for it. Flight is booked and I arrive in Kathmandu the 4th.

      Let me know if you guys are up for teaming!

      Kind regards,


    • Hey guys have you got solid plans at all yet? How long were you thinking of trekking for?

  4. Hey John,

    I am arriving in Kathmandu on April 5th and I also want to do the Annapurna Circuit independently. I was going to Nepal with a friend, but he had some personal problems and just decided not going anymore. Do you already have a group? Have you decided your plans? As I am also concern about safety, It would be great if I can join you!

    Kind Regards,

    • Hey Cristiane. I’m in a similar situation and now will be a solo traveller. Do you know how long you are planning on trekking for?

  5. hello guys
    i m mattia from italy
    i ll be in nepal for 3 months and in april i would love to do trekking in annapurna and i lookiing for company.
    i m wondering if we can do it toghether.
    let me know
    thanks oin advance

  6. Hi everyone!
    I am planning to do the base camp trek in early April as well and would love to join up with a group. I will be in Kathmamdu around April 7th. So let me know if you have room for one more!

    • Hey Melissa how much time do you have to treck?

  7. Hi! I am 47 years old spanish.I’m arriving katmandu on April 5th. My english is not very good but I’m considering to join a group if possible.

  8. Hey guys. I arrived in Kathmandu on the 6th and looking to for someone to trek with for an 11(ish) day treck. Very flexible on route still in the research stage, would be great to team up with a few people for a 8th or 9th April start date 🙂

  9. Hello all,
    I am arriving to Kathmandu on 5th in the morning, would like to get the permits the same day and catch bus to Bhulbhule on 6th to start the trek.
    I would like to join somebody for security reasons and to share the trekking experience.

    • Hey Thomas, myself and a friend are leaving Kathmandu on the 8th if you want to hang around. Aiming for an 11 day hike round part of the circuit

  10. Hi everyone! I’m in Pokhara and I’m planning to start the Annapurna Circuit in a couple of days, maybe on the 8th or 9th. I’m travelling alone so I’d like to join a group or someone in the same situation to do this trek.
    Let me know, thanks!