Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Arriving in Kathmandu on 21 September, then heading to Pokhara first. Plan is to do ABC Trip in 10-12 days therefore taking time to appreciate sights along the way (and a little rest). Start will be around 24th. I’m fine to go independently without porter/guide. In case you decide otherwise I’m glad to split costs. Your company would be welcome!



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  1. Me too, have rough plan to do ABC this year.Any time in Sept/Oct, works fine for me.Prefer to have a shared Porter, to split costs, and to go easy.Can handle local language, so communication is not a problem.But my idea is to go slow, soak up the scenery, and get plenty of pictures.

  2. Hey Chantal,

    I’ll be finishing up some volunteer work on the 21st in KTM and was looking to head to Pokhara on the 22nd. I only have about 9-10 days though as my “real life” job demands me back. Maybe we can do part of the trek together or the whole one if time permits!


  3. Hi Chantal, I’m very interested in your plans. Will be in Nepal in the end of sep. Hope we can head up togehter.
    Können uns gern mal die nächsten Wochen/Monate zusammentun und schauen ob wir es hinbekommen!

  4. hey Chantal I am thinking of doing the annapurna sanctuary or base camp trek around the same time. Message me if you are interetsed in doing it together

  5. Hey Chantal, I guess some time has passed now – what’s the plans now? I will be in Nepal with a friend at the same time. We were thinking about doing the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, but we haven’t decided on anything yet.
    Würde mich freuen, wenn es als kleines Grüppchen klappt 🙂

  6. Hey Chantal (and others on this thread),
    I was planning the ABC trek this Sep/Oct (my plans are flexible), so I am game. Hope to hear back from you (or others :))

  7. Hi Chantal, I’m arriving in Kathmandu on 20 Sept and will stay there for a few days before heading to Pokhara for a trek into the mountains. The ABC trek around 24 Sept sounds awesome to me, so let me know if you’d like another trekking partner. Cheers, Ash.

  8. Hey Chantal!

    I’ll be reaching pokhara on 20th September and planning to do ABC trek around 22-24th. My friend twisted her ankle, so I’m planning to go solo. Let me know if your plan is confirmed.
    Have a great trek! See you around!