Annapurna Base Camp Trek


I will be doing the Annapurna Base camp Trek on late April. I will arrive at Katmandu on the 26th of April and was planning to be in Pokhara around the 29th-30th. It’s my first trek so I was planning doing it in 10 days. I am flexible on the dates. I would really enjoy some company!

Sandrine 🙂



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  1. Hi Sandrine!
    Im currently looking/planning for a trek in Nepal as well and looking after later days of April . Looks like we are on the same page as this will be my first proper trek if it pushes through. Quite checked some treks and things to be done. Fancy maybe chatting if both dates and likes work for us? Hope to hear from you.

    • Yeah sure! Tell me if it works for you if we start the trek on the 1st of may!

    • checking for flights sandrine, just needed some infos from you. I have sent you a message.

  2. I will be doing the ABC trek in May 4th. But I was planning to go for the week long one.

  3. Hey sandrine, i aso wanna start around that date and for that duration, would like to do the annpurna base camp trek! When are u planning to leave? I am currently in ktm and will go around the 26 of april to pokhara, i did some independent trekkings in south america last month’s, but this be the first one of more then 6 days! Would like to go with a couple of people!

    • Yeah! Sure! I’m planning to do the ABC with another guy. We would start the trek on the 1st of may. Let me know if you’re in!

  4. That date is fine for me! count me in! Will write u an message upcoming days if i have better Internet!

    • Excellent!

  5. hello tony and sandrine! question about the permit, have you arrange for yourselves? or how and where we can get this?
    thanks a lot

  6. Hello Jhai! We can get a permit in pokhara, so we have the arrange it ourselves, but this is quit easy, the costs of this will be 40 us.

    • okay thats good to know Tony. Im waiting for Sandrine’s reply to my message. Im planning to buy the things i need for the trek in Ktm rather than from here. Do you suggest any shop to go and buy shoes and clothes, stuff like that. Ill pm my number if thats okay so we can chat to sandrine as well about the etinerary.